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What are facts about Halloween?

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What not to do if there is a ghost in your


don't ever try to light it on fire

To fend off ghosts-

turn your pockets in side out

wear red since they are scared of the color of blood

they're scared of their reflection.

How to meet a witch-

on a Halloween night, wear your shirt inside out and walk

backwords down the street to the nearest stop sign on a time of a

full moon. you'll see a shadow, or maybe an outline of a witch in

the moon.

To fend off a witch-

do the same as above, instead wear a wizard costume with a

stick. you'll be safe till next Halloween.

my sources say that you shouldn't do the witch thing since it

kinda freaks you out if you really see one. only wierd people might

do it since it's midnight and full moons barely come out on

Halloween days. for the fending off the witch thing, you have to do

it on a new moon, which is no moon at all. fyi, new moons also

barely come out on halloweens.

How to make an unwanted neighbor move very quickly: you will

need a gallon of salt/(really it depends on the size of the house

to be honest) and one egg, and a ladder. You will trace the salt

all the way around the house never letting it touch the house, when

this is done takee the ladder climb to the roof but do not touch it

at all!! crack the egg on the roff and do not let any shells get on

the roof!!! this is a real work here and i swear by it if you do

have the gut to try it send me a message so you can tell me how it

worked and your wigged out. ill explain everything to you at that



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