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From the late 1800's until WWI thousands of shotguns like this were imported from Belgium. If the country of origin is marked on the gun, it was probably made after 1893 when this was required by international trade agreements. The companies that retailed or distributed some of the trade names have been identified, but I don't find Hanover on that list. Although these guns were safe enough when new, the damsacus barrels may have deterioriated and should be retired. They usually bring $125-$150 as mantle decorations.

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What are facts about Western Field double barrel shotguns?

That would be a Stevens/Savage 315 with a Montgomery Ward name.

What are facts about Springfield Arms double-barrel 12 gauge shotguns?

Built c. 1930-1948 by Stevens division of Savage Arms. If in useable condition, possibly worth $200+.

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What are facts about Palmetto 12 gauge shotguns?

Palmetto was a trade name used by Edward K Tryon of Philadelphia on lower grade revolvers and shotguns sold thru hardware stores, c.1880 - 1914.

What are facts about Henry double barrel shotguns?

This gun would have been imported c. 1890-1915 by H&D Folsom of New York. You won't be able to narrow it down any closer. The number 1610 is probably a manufacturer's batch, lot, catalog, or part number. If the gauge is marked, it will be expressed in centimeters, like 18.0 65. That example would mean a 12 gauge, full-choke, with 2 9/16 chambers.

What are facts about Shapleigh's King Nitro 12 gauge shotguns?

Diamond Arms Company: Trade name used by the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri on imported shotguns they retailed. WWI pretty much ended these imports and later guns may have been made by any of several US companies. A single shot is possibly an Iver Johnson Champion, a double barrel likely to be by Crescent or Stevens. There is little collector interest in these old utility guns and shooters would rather have newer firearms, so they are not highly valued. Singles sell for $50-$75, doubles for $125-$150.

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What are facts about LeFever Arms 16 gauge shotguns?

the year this gun was made was 1913. the ds grade is worth $250.00 poor to $1250.00 exe

What are facts about Daniel Boone double barrel shotguns?

Daniel Boone Gun Company: Trade name on shotguns made for Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Ky. Most likely manufacturer would be Crescent Firearms, but it may also be from J. Stevens, Iver Johnson, various Belgian companies, or others. Most likely period of manufacture would be the 1930's or 1940's, but could be earlier or later. Value, if it is a side-hammer with damascus barrels, would depend on how well it looks over a fireplace, maybe $125-$150. If it is has fluid steel barrels and is fully functional, it should bring $250 or more in most areas.

What are facts about a Newport model wn 12 gauge shotgun?

You still haven't told me what type of shotgun it is, but Newport was a Brand Name used by Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co, Chicago (1882-1962). If it is a double barrel sidelock with outside hammers, it was probably made by Crescent Arms Co, Norwich, CT. A double barrel hammerless boxlock more likely by J Stevens Arms Co, Chicopee Falls, MA. or a single shot exposed hammer by Iver Johnson, Fitchburg, MA. Regardless of the manufacturer, it is worth $75 or less for a single shot or $100-$150 for a double barrel.

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Manufactured between 1886 and 1916. Retail value $50-$75 unless in like-new condition.

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Not sure if this is your gun, but Leader Gun Company was a trade name used on shotguns retailed by the Charles Williams Stores, Inc. of New York. Most likely manufacturer would be Crescent Arms, Norwich, CT. "Nitro" would imply proofed for smokeless powder.

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I doubt if you will find any books on Crescent shotguns. As one person on another board explained "people with $50 guns don't buy $50 books to read about them". Joe Voresik is working on a new edition of "Shotgun Markings" which may include a lot more information than is currently available.

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