What are facts about Savage Arms Stevens shotguns?

I believe these old stevens/savage were a good reliable gun and fairly inexpensive. there are several around I just bought a 16gauge 2 3/4 in. chamber for $77.00 including tax. I feel glad to have found this old 940 in the 16 gauge. I think your 410 with a 3in. chamber is a sweet find. I would not know the value but if it were my gun I would not take less than $400.00

The 940 is a single shot, break action, isn't it? I think Anonymous paid about right for a 16 gauge. A .410 will bring more in most areas, but not as much as he suggests. I'd say in the neighborhood of $150, unless it is really in like-new condition, then maybe $200 if a collector is interested. After all, you can get a new one at Walmart or Dick's for less.