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Tanzania is a savanna and mt.Kilimanjaro, lake Victoria and green rift valley are located there.

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What is 33 degrees South of equator statting with letter T?

Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania Tanzania

What are facts about Kilimanjaro?

it is on the border of northern Tanzania and Kenya to the west of it is the great African rift valley and it is 205 miles south of the equator.

Does Tanzania have deserts?

No, Tanzania has no deserts.

What is the country code and area code of Tanzania Tanzania?

The country code and area code of Tanzania, Tanzania is 255, (0)4.

Where do most people live in Tanzania?

Tanzania, which is just north of the area south of Tanzania

What is hello in Tanzania?

Hello is JAMBO in Tanzania

What ocean surrounds Tanzania?

The but surronds Tanzania

What does Tanzania mean?

Tanzania means:angel of the sea

What hemisphere is Tanzania in?

Tanzania is in the Southern Hemisphere

Where is Tanzania UK?

Tanzania is in Africa not the UK

What is there out in Tanzania exactly?

safari's and wildlife are out in Tanzania.

What is the complete name for Tanzania?

The complete name for Tanzania is The United Republic of Tanzania.Hope that helps!

Is Tanzania land locked?

No, Tanzania has a coastline on the Indian Ocean, and the port city of Zanzibar is in Tanzania.

What are facts about the serengeti national park?

The Serengeti national park is located in the East African country called Tanzania. The vast park is well known for the annual wildebeest movement during which millions of wildebeest cross from Tanzania into Kenya's Mara national park.

What is Personal income in Tanzania?

What is average salary in Tanzania?

How big is Tanzania?

Tanzania is 947,300 sq km.

Is Tanzania landlocked?

No, the eastern part of Tanzania is coastal.

Christin church in Tanzania?

Christin church in tanzania?

What is the populashn of Tanzania?

The population of Tanzania is (or was) 41,048,532 in 2009.

What the feature of Tanzania constitution?

what are the features of tanzania constitution

Do elephants live in Tanzania?

yes they do live in Tanzania

Do kids in Tanzania have jobs?

do kids have jobs in Tanzania

What is Boxing Day in Tanzania?

Boxing history tanzania

Where is the capital of Tanzania?

Dodoma is the national capital of Tanzania.

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