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they can weight more than 40lbs

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Q: What are facts about the Indian Cobra?
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Related questions

Is an Indian cobra a king cobra?

Indian cobra is not a king cobra.

Is the Indian cobra a spitting cobra?

yes, the Indian cobra is a spitting cobraNO the Indian Cobra is NOT a spitter, the Indian Cobra or speckled Cobra has a "standard" envenomation through biting and cannot spit venom.

When was Indian Cobra created?

Indian Cobra was created in 1758.

What is the life span of an Indian cobra?

A life span of a Indian cobra is 20 years

What are the types of cobra's?

spitting cobra, king cobra, Egyptian cobra, Indian cobra, and common cobra are the most common types.

What is the special body part of a Indian cobra?

The most distinctive and impressive characteristic of the Indian cobra is the hood.

Who says the cobra will bite you whether you call it a cobra or mr cobra?

It's an Indian Proverb.

Are Indian cobras endangered?

Yes, the cobras of all kind are endangered including the Indian Cobra. As dangerous as the Indian Cobra seems to be they are still the snake of choice for snake charmers. Answer 2. No, Indian cobras are not endangered, nor are most cobra species. The king cobra is considered vulnerable, however.

Is an Indian cobra and a king cobra the same?

The Indian Cobra and the King Cobra are not the same species, but they both belong to the Elpidae (Elapid) family. Despite their name the Indian Cobra and the King Cobra are not as closely related as one might expect. The genus, Naja, contains what the majority of the population on earth call 'cobras'. The King Cobra does not belong to the Naja genus. It belongs to a different genus. The Indian Cobra on the other hand stays to true to it's name and is a species in the Naja genus.

What is the life span of an cobra?

A life span of a Indian cobra is 20 years

What are the king cobras family?

The king corbra is very close to indian cobra spitting cobra and the egyptain cobra

What is the most intellegent snake?

Indian Cobra

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