What are facts about the phone?


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the first transatlantic telephone cable was placed in the ocean in 1956.

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The cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. The first one was made in New York.

The phone number of the Oran Z'S Pan African Black Facts And Wax Museum is: 323-299-8829.

that you can text your friends when ever you want. you can call with using your house phone, payphone, ask someone to borrow the cell phone that they have! isnt it obviious?? duhh! it is!

614 Scooby dobby doo Get ur facts straight

Answering the question with ONLY the facts provided - no, it is not.

It usually means the answer is biased towards one particular opinion. For a simple example - a question like "Which is the best phone" might get the answer "The I-phone" - A users opinion of a particular phone will be biased towards the type of phone they are familiar with - rather than based on physical facts.

he made the cellphonehe is still alivehe is 84he is oldhe is born in Chicago, Illinoishe made police radiosthe first phone was 2.2 poundsthe first phone talked 30 minsthe first phone was $3,995$He is awesome

Although the facts may be considered common knowledge, the expression of them would be protected. An example is the phone book: they can't protect the data, but they can protect the arrangement of the data.

If you cover a cell phone with tinfoil, it will not have signal.A cell phone is really just a complicated radio.Teenagers can be called text messages' fans. They send over 200,000 text messages a year, that's about 60.1 texts per day.

Phone companies compare themselves to other companies in order to show how they are better than their competitors. By letting the customer know how they compare to other the services and prices of other companies, they provide an argument based on facts to gain new business.

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If you don't tell him, then you won't have a phone. If you TELL him, then either he won't buy you a phone, (in which case you've lost nothing), or he will consider the facts and MIGHT buy you a phone. Or he might ground you for life. Flip a coin, that's what I say.

First, investigate. Get details, not hearsay. If you jump on the defense before you have that facts, you're in for hell.

Well, her favorite color is purple. A quote from her is," Dream big and have fun!" her favorite food is sushi. she cant live without her i-phone.

It would depend very heavily on the facts of your particular case. The plaintiff would have to prove that you were negligent in bumping into him.

they weighed 2 pounds. They had 30 circuit boards. 35 minutes of talk time with 10 hours of charging pornography

When including the area code, a phone number is seven digits longThe area code shows what part of the country a call is coming fromPhone numbers with the prefix 555 are reserved for use in songs or movies

Some facts about facts are:To be a fact, the statement must be trueFacts are not opinions.Facts can be verified as true.

facts about accountants are facts about accountants

Facts that happened are historical facts.

Biographical facts are facts about a certain person.

blitzkrieg=lightning war the facts are the facts

Some good sentences for facts are: You should get all the facts before making a decision. Math facts are fun to learn. The facts show that the earth is round. Facts are not opinions.

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That means a fact is an important because we can learn facts. I like facts. ---- That means a fact is an important because we can learn facts. I like facts. ----

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