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  • If you cover a cell phone with tinfoil, it will not have signal.
  • A cell phone is really just a complicated radio.
  • Teenagers can be called text messages' fans. They send over 200,000 text messages a year, that's about 60.1 texts per day.
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The cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973. The first one was made in New York.

you can find a used cell phone at some phone stores

that you can text your friends when ever you want. you can call with using your house phone, payphone, ask someone to borrow the cell phone that they have! isnt it obviious?? duhh! it is!

what are some good cell phone signatures about love? what are some good cell phone signatures about love?

No. A cell phone uses cell towers to transmit calls. A regular phone plugs into the wall or an adaptor of some sort.

it has no cell wall and it has a nucleus and a nucleous.........thnx 4 takin my facts

Some of the companies that offer GPS for a cell phone are Blackberry and iPhone. GPS for a cell phone is a convenient feature that can be used to locate a lost cell phone.

leather cell phone cases can provide some insulation for a dropped cell phone.

It really depends on the cell phone company you have some don't let you change and some do. I would advise you to contact your local cell phone company.

Some facts about the nucleus of a cell is that it contains most of the cells genetic material and it controls the rest of the cell.

it controls what goes in and out of the cell like a door

You plug it in to something and then you do some thing then do something and the cell phone does something!!

You can buy a variety of cell phone cases, both hard and soft, that offer protection for your cell phone. Many malls across America have kiosks that sell cases, as well you your local cell phone providers.

cell phone and mobile phone are both proper terms for the same thing. So is cellular phone and wireless phone. In some countries, mobile phone is more popular and in others cell phones is.

You can buy cell phone games at many places online. Some of these places are, and

You will be hard pressed to find a person that doesn't have a cell now a days. The increasing popularity of cell phone has resulted in an increase in cell phone providers. Regional cell phone providers offer some of cheapest cell phone plans to consumers. The disadvantage of some regional cell phone providers is that coverage may be limited. National cell phone providers, such as Boost Mobile, also offer cheap plans that fit nearly any budget.

Some popular cell phone companies are Consumer Cellular, Verizon, Samsung and Virgin. Other providers of cell phones and cell phone services are Sprint and Cricket.

Celebrities do not give out their real cell phone number to the public.

texting, calling, games, and some phone companies have internet.

Some cell phone cases protect cell phones and for different reasons. Some protect the cell phones from the face being scratched and some protect the cell phones by breaking the fall with a rubber casing.

Some cell phones have better coverage than others. The simple reason that some people get the best cell phone coverage is because of the number of towers that their servers provide. If a cell phone provider has few phone towers in specific areas, it leaves their customers without much needed cell phone coverage. In order to get the best cell phone coverage, it is important to check with the cell phone company of choice to find out where their coverage areas are. Most cell phone companies can provide a map that shows where the best coverage areas are for their plans.

There are many ideas of future cell phones. Some ideas of future cell phones are 'Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept', 'Pen Cell Phone Concept', 'Grass Cell Phones' and many more.

there is gold in some cell phones but not all

There are many online phone books where you can search for a cell phone number. Some are free, many are not. The white pages have the option to perform a cell number search.