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big mountains

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Q: What are facts about the western cordillera?
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What are facts about the western Cordillera in Canada?

Some mountains in this landform region can be as wide as 700 meters long The 2010 Olympics will be held in part of the Western Cordillera, Vancouver, British Columbia The climate of the Western Cordillera is much like the maritime's climate

What provinces or territories are in the Western Cordillera?

There are two provinces and territories that are in the Western Cordillera. British Columbia and Yukon are the two that border the Western Cordillera.

What landforms are found in western cordillera?

Western Cordillera is a landform and a landform region.

What is the population of the western cordillera?

The population of the Western Cordillera region (Canada) is approximately 220,000.

What year was the western cordillera?

The Western Cordillera is not a "time". It is a mountain range. Your question makes no sense

What are the similarities of the Western Cordillera and the Interior Plains?

the western cordillera and the interior plains are about the same size

What jobs are there in the western cordillera?

forestry and mining are the most common jobs for the western cordillera.

What are the means of livelihood in the western cordillera?

what are the means of livelihood in cordillera

Major industries of the western cordillera?

Fishing, mining, agriculture, and forestry are the major industries of the western cordillera.

Types of farming in the western cordillera?

Not much farming.The economies in the Western Cordillera are based on logging, mining, and tourism.

What is the climate of the western cordillera?


Size of Western Cordillera?


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