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People, elephants, Oranges, antelopes and ivy.

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5 examples of multicellular organisms?

Most organisms on earth are multicellular. Five examples of multicellular organisms would be humans, plants, fish, dogs, cats, and birds.

Is mushroom an unicellular organisms or a multicellular organisms?

Mushrooms are multicellular organisms

Types of multicellular organisms?

ten multicellular organisms

All multicellular organisms are called?

There are many examples of multicellular organisms. Us humans are multicellular, animals are multicellular. Smaller organisms are unicells.

Most organisms are multicellular?

No, the majority of organisms on Earth are unicellular. But we multicellular organisms are the more interesting kind. Multicellular organisms rule!

Can multicellular organisms reproduce?

Well humans are multicellular organisms

Are fish multicellular organisms?

Yes, fish are multicellular organisms

How do multicellular organisms begin?

multicellular organisms begin as a single cell.

Are cell of multicellular organisms alive or dead?

multicellular organisms are alive

Do multicellular organisms grow do multicellular organisms develop?

well yes

Are protococcus single celled organism or multicellular organisms?

They are multicellular organisms.

How many cells have multicellular organisms?

Multicellular organisms can have billions of cells.

Is it frog a multicellular organisms?


What are Multicellular organisms?

Multicellular organisms are organisms that consist of more than one cell, in contrast to unicellular organisms.

Are unicellular organisms in multicellular organisms?

Well, unicellular organisms have one cell, and multicellular organisms have many. Yes.

Did unicellular or multicellular organisms evolve first?

Unicellular organisms evolved first; and from them evolved the multicellular organisms. But that leads onto another question as to why multicellular organisms evolved.

How are unicellular organisms different from multicellular organisms?

Multicellular organisms are made up of many cells. Unicellular organisms are made of one cell. Multicellular organisms are Eukaryote in nature. Unicellular organisms are prokayotic in nature. Unicellular are microscopic in nature. Multicellular are macroscopic in nature.

Why is diffusion possible in unicellular organisms not in multicellular organisms?

It is possible in multicellular but not effective .

Are eubacteria multicellular and uncellular organisms?

they are multicellular

What types of cells are found in multicellular organisms?

There are many multicellular organisms. Even protists, such as seaweed, can be multicellular. The only organism that cannot be multicellular is a bacterium.

What are 5 different multicellular organisms?

Multicellular organisms are organisms that consist of more than one cell.Multicellular organisms have differentiated cells, which performs specialized functions.5 example of multicellular organisms are:plantsfungianimalshumansbrown algae

Is a monkey multicellular or unicellular?

Monkeys are multicellular organisms.

How many multicellular organisms are there?

Infinite, Earth isn't the only place with multicellular organisms.

Multicellular organisms are made up of?

Multicellular organisms are made up of Eukaryotic cells.

What kingdom only contains multicellular organisms?

Animalia contains only multicellular organisms.