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salad dressing

barbecue sauce

steak grill spice

butter and chicken stock

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2011-02-26 14:10:42
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Q: What are five savory garnishes?
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Uses of garnishes?

You can use the garnishes to decorate your seafood. (Or whatever food you're making) Or you can eat the garnishes along with the food. (Garnishes have a bitter taste)

What are the definitions of those types of garnishes?

Your question refers to "those types of garnishes" but doesn't say what types of garnishes you're asking about, which makes it hard to answer.

What has the author June Budgen written?

June Budgen has written: 'The book of garnishes' -- subject(s): Garnishes (Cookery), Garnishes (Cooking) 'Hors D'Oeuvres'

Are garnishes a french food?

No, garnishes are not food from france. Garnishes are what you put on your meal to make it look better, such as a sprig of parsley on soup or a sprinkle of spice on your pasta.

What garnishes do you find on a bar?

The most commonly found garnishes at any bar are:lemonlimecherryorangesDepending on the drink, the garnishes can vary. For instance, you might use a slice of pineapple to garnish a Pina Colada. But these aside, the aforementioned 4 fruits are the most requested and used garnishes.

Is cream a savory or sweet?

it is a savory

Can two garnishes be done simultaneosly?

If you are a good multi-tasker then you could be able to make two garnishes at the same time.

What is the birth name of Gerald Savory?

Gerald Savory's birth name is Gerald Douglas Savory.

What is the word savory mean?

savory means pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma. a lot..

Is Savory an herb or a spice?

savory is a herb not spice.

What is the difference between accompanimentsand garnishes?

Accompaniments are foods that go well with the main dish. Garnishes are not supposed to be eaten. They are for decoration.

What is the plural for garnish?

the plural for garnish is........ Garnishes! :)

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