What are five sensible beliefs?

God, the soul, the afterlife, the Creation, and your own potential.

1) God. Belief in God was the universal tradition of all mankind. People have always believed in a Higher Power. Archaeology has shown that no ancient society ever existed that did not believe in the supernatural.

Based upon a massive worldwide study of the most ancient inscriptions and the earliest levels of civilization, Dr. Wilhelm Schmidt (in his twelve-volume Der Ursprung Der Gottesidee) concluded that the original belief was monotheistic. It was a simple belief in the Creator (Sky-Father) with no imagery of any kind.

2) The soul. This too is a universal tradition going all the way back. It explains why human emotions are so vast; and it explains (at least partially) what consciousness is. The question of how to pin down the workings of consciousness has dogged scientists for centuries: but you have the answer.

3) The afterlife. This is another universal tradition and one whose importance must not be understated. It goes a long way in explaining why we have free-will, what we're doing here, what about the suffering of the innocent, and why our very instincts tell us that death is not the end. Here too, no ancient society ever existed that did not believe in the afterlife; and to the thinking person, this fact cannot be dismissed offhand.

4) The Creation. In addition to the worldwide tradition on this subject, consider a simple device in logic called Occam's razor. This principle states that the simplest explanation for a set of circumstances is usually the correct one. "In the beginning God created" is beautifully simple; and it topples that tangled web of tautologies and that huge house of cards into which atheistic physicists and biologists try to indoctrinate us. And of course, it enables us to appreciate the infinite wisdom and detail within the created things, instead of having (as atheists do) to timidly hide our eyes from the blindingly clear evidence of this wisdom.

5) Your own potential. So many people have pulled themselves up out of terrible circumstances and made something of themselves, that there is really nothing blocking you except your own lack of conviction.