What are four effects of drug abuse?

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What is drug abuse?

"Drug abuse" apllies to the deliberate misuse of drugs (chemicalsand medicines that affect the human body). - It can include over-usage or combination of legitimate substancesto alter or increase their effect. - It can also apply to using drugs or medicines for other thantheir intended, prescribed, ( Full Answer )

Social effects of drug abuse?

The most common effects on social drug abuse is monotone! -- The vast majority of social problems associated with drugs are a direct result of the drug war, rather than the drugs themselves. People have always used drugs, and references to them show up in the oldest writings known. While there wil ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of drug abuse?

Real bad breakouts and sometimes there skittish an a lot of other things i know because my parents did it. :)

What are The effects of teen drug abuse?

The effects of drugs and teens can be many. Ranging from physical effects on the body and organs to relational effects with parents and friends. The common effects of drug abuse leads to addiction and dependence to the substance. This addiction can last throughout a persons life if the right help is ( Full Answer )

What can drug abuse do to you?

It can kill you. Misuse and abuse of drugs can also lead to further addiction to other more harmful substances. It can also contribute to a failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home; and a host of legal problems can be introduced by drug abuse.

How does drug abuse effect the famil members of the user?

Drug abuse affects family members by increasing feelings of guilt, fear, and general anxiety just to start. Shame can be another stress factor. Directly speaking drug abuse by one person in the family makes the rest of the family work harder doing everything from housework to spending more money to ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of drug abuse and drug misuse?

Drug abuse is when someone uses a drug too much that it's bad for them. And drug misuse is when someone doesn't use the drug correctly. Drug misuse means a maladaptive pattern of taking drugs that causeyou harm despite knowing their bad effects.

What are the effects of abuse?

There is either physical (sexual abuse or fondling of private parts of a child) or, verbal abuse (belittling the child; swearing such as calling them stupid and other disgusting names.) With physical abuse it is frightening for the child because they are often threatened by their abuser (generally a ( Full Answer )

What effect does drug abuse have on the economy?

\nDurg abuse supports a fairly large segment of the economy: law enforcement, international efforts, large government bureaucracies like DEA, the law enforcement equipment industry, the legal industry and the prison industry. This "War on Drugs" funnels billions of dollars into a broad variety of i ( Full Answer )

Drug abuse vs Drug misuse?

Drug abuse deals with overuse, where misuse means to use for a reason other than what it is for.. For example, the analgesic (narcotic) morphine. A person who abuses morphine may become an addict and abuse the drug (overuse). But if that person uses the morphine to calm a cough, they would be misus ( Full Answer )

How does animal abuse effect the abuser?

It affects the abuser emotionally because they might be that animasl best friend and later they will feel guilty. they also have to take into acount the consequences that could come with the fact of just abusing the animal and possibly killing it.

What are some drugs to do with drug abuse?

there are the illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana and meth and the legal ones that need medical prescription as xanax, percocet, and the such.

What is drug abuser?

A person who uses drugs for other than their intended purpose, or who uses illegal drugs. The term "abuser" is often used to differentiate those who have not reached the point of physical addiction. However, this is a serious gray area.

What is the physical mental and emotional effect of drug abuse to an individual?

Depending on the severity of the abuse, it could range from minimal to completely life shattering. I was on Oxycontin for 2 years, taking the drug every 2.5 - 3 hours. I lost my ability to function at work, school, etc. I would go to the bathroom for hours at a time to get high, and come back and ( Full Answer )

What are some effects of drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers?

Yes drug/alcohol abuse can cause health problems depending on the substance & frequency of use. But the most common negative effect of drugs on teens tends not to be from a direct effect of the drug but society. Most look down apon drug use and alcohol abuse from teens and this can damage relationsh ( Full Answer )

What effect does drug abuse have on economy?

Drug abuse has many effects on the US economy. Drug users buyillegal substances that are not regulated, keeping illegal drugdealers in business. Individuals that are drug users also drain theeconomy by requiring all of the substance abuse programs that aresponsored by the government. Methadone progr ( Full Answer )

Social effects of drug abuse on the individual?

You can tell by attitude. without the drug they will be tired yet jittery from anxiety, short tempered, speak monotone, antisocial and if they stopped doing things they used to do for entertainment. visual effects of addiction, is small appetite, weight loss , pale skin, more common breakouts of ac ( Full Answer )

What is drug abuse and drug addiction?

Drug abuse is when drug taking affects your daily life such as school or work. Drug addiction is when you physically and mentally crave your drug of choice. The two often go together, but not always.

What effects does drug abuse have on family life?

Drug abuse on family life could be catastrophic. Your spouse may be so upset with the problem, they may leave you. Also, if children are involved, this could ruin their own education due to the problem at home. Drug abuse will also most likely cause a great financial problem.

Five effective slogans of the dangers of drug abuse?

1) Drugs take lives. Love save lives. 2) Drugs cause addiction we can't take it: once the damage done, we can't make it. 3) Drugs ruin families & life: SHUN IT if u wanna survive. 4) DRUGS - PERSONIFICATION OF DESTRUCTION. 5) SAY NO TO DRUGS.

Differentiate drug abuse to drug misuse?

Drug abuse is when you spend all your money on heroin and dont pay rent, or really do anything else. Drug misuse is when you inject it into your shoe.

How is drug use diffrent from drug abuse?

Drug use is most commonly known as just taking your prescription. Abuse is where you are taking medication's or any kind of drug when its not needed to get high.

What is abusing drugs?

Drug abuse refers to a maladaptive pattern of use of a substance that is not considered dependent. The term "drug abuse" does not exclude dependency, but is otherwise used in a similar manner in nonmedical contexts.

Is Drug abuse the same as drug dependence?

No. According to the DSM-IV-TR, substance abuse refers to substance use that results in significant impairment or distress that is manifested by at least one of the following: . Failure to fulfill major role obligations at work, school, or home. . Ex: frequent absences, job loss, failing grades ( Full Answer )

What is the effects of drug abuse to teenagers?

it leads to unwanted pregnancy (girls and women) since one tends to loose control of their selves when they have taken drugs. Another effect is that you may suffer from certain diseases that are associated with the use of drugs.

What are some of the effects of drug abuse on the individual?

It always depends on both the drug and the individual. For example, women get pregnancy complications when they smoke cigarettes, but men cannot be pregnant. But if you're talking in general, different drugs have different effects. But all cause one thing (if abused, as in your question): DEATH. ( Full Answer )

What is the effect of the drug abuse?

There isn't such thing as the effect for drug abuse. Abusing any substances can lead to various effects and threats. To be sure and safe about any drugs or medicine, ask your pharmacist or physicians as they are professionals in that domain. Each substance will have definite of non-definite effects, ( Full Answer )

What are the harmful effects of drugs when abused?

It depends on the particular drug and what class of drug it belongs to. But for some of the most popular drugs it's generally the following; - Amphetamines (psychological addiction, psychosis, irritability, fatigue, weight loss) - Alcohol (physical and psychological addiction, brain damage, live ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of of drug abuse?

Depending on the form of the drug being abused, the effects can be quite varied. Marijuana can result in a skewed perception of time, delayed reflexes, and respiratory issues. Methamphetamine abuse can cause cardiac arrhythmia and severe periodontal problems. Opiate abuse can result in depression of ( Full Answer )

How does drug abuse lead to drug addiction?

Drug abuse, normally leads to addiction because of its attack on the brain. Your brain then becomes familiar to the feeling the drug brings when you've misused it. So when you try to stop, and you have symptoms of withdrawl, you often times feel the pain, and illness it brings, and then it becomes a ( Full Answer )

What are some of the long term side effects of drug abuse?

Drug abuse can cause facial deformities, dependability on the drug itself, fatigue, and may mess with sleeping patterns. Please get help if you are developing a drug problem to make sure these problems do not worsen themselves.

How is drug abuse different from substance abuse?

These terms are often used interchangeably, however, substance abuse is a slightly broader category than drug abuse, since some of the substances that people abuse are not really drugs, such as glue, solvents, etc., which people may inhale in the hope of getting some kind of high.

Why are receptors so important in understanding the effects of drug abuse?

because certain drugs affect certain neurotransmitters. the major groups of neurotransmitters affected by the most abused recreational drugs are gaba, dopamine, seroatonin, and nor epinephrine. Granted within each group there are hundreds of subtypes of neurotransmitters (i.e. 5HT1, 5HT2, etc... in ( Full Answer )

What is drug misuse and drug abuse?

drug missuse is when your having a great time and are about to green out best feeling ever nothing better than snorting a line or two and having a billy

What are the social and economic effects of illegal and legal drugs' abuse?

Abusive use of everything, not only legal or illegal drugs, brings on dramatic consequences to the user and to the society. Even if someone doesn't practice abusive use of any drug, (I mean those ones that cause addiction) it leads to the wrong way. The unique point that counts is the harmful effect ( Full Answer )

What is the alcohol and drug abuse method the abuse of prescription drugs?

Well I knkw (UNFORTUNATELY) through experience that the methods I used when I used to use alcohol drugs and Rx Pills were that I got to the point where I couldnt take my pills (Percocet) (Vicodin) unless I had alcohol because beer & liquor intensify the prescription drugs immensely! haha i bet some ( Full Answer )

How does a drug abusers stop taking drugs?

Seek help! You have to admit that you in fact have a problem, andthen seek help. AA meetings, rehab, detox centers, churches,etc..are all great places to start. It's hard to go at it alone andwill 9 times out of 10 end in relapse. Seeking outside help is thebest way to go. Answer2: Breaking the dru ( Full Answer )