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What are fungi made up of?

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2020-05-24 14:12:36

Microscopic living organisms that look like spores. Shaped with a stalk and a head looking thing usually, although there may be recent discoveries of oddly shaped fungi and stuff. They are living organisms so they grow, reproduce, excrete, ...etc., and have their own classification apart from all other animals in the animal kingdom (including plants and animals).

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2020-04-27 22:03:58

What makes a fungi?

The fungi are a separate kingdom of living things, different from animals and plants. Fungi have cells with nuclei. Their cell walls contain chitin, unlike the cell walls of plants, which contain cellulose. ... Their basic mode of life is saprophytic: a fungus breaks down dead organic matter around it, and uses it as food. The cell walls of fungi is made up of chitin . Chitin is an example of carbohydrates and is the modified form of cellulose . It is made from the derivatives of glucosamine (glucose unit to which nitrogen group is attached). Most fungi are saprophytes, feeding on dead or decaying material. This helps to remove leaf litter and other debris that would otherwise accumulate on the ground. Nutrients absorbed by the fungus then become available for other organisms which may eat fungi. The fungi (singular, fungus) once were considered to be plants because they grow out of the soil and have rigid cell walls. Now they are placed independently in their own kingdom of equal rank with the animals and plants and, in fact, are more closely related to animals than to plants. I hope I helped! 😅

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