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What are good fat burning exercises to do at home?


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February 01, 2010 9:49PM

It's great to:

1. Lift laundry baskets full of clothes over and over

2. Dance like there's no tomorrow

3. Hold on to the couch while doing backwards kicks

4. Run up and down the stairs

5. Do sit-ups (or lift weights or something) during commercial breaks while watching TV

6. Wear a step-counter and try to increase the number of steps you take every day.

7. Park farther away from your house so it's a farther walk to the car.

8. Hold arms out to the sides, horizontally, for long periods of time to strengthen them.

9. See how many times you can run back and forth down your hallway.

10. And for fun, if you have little kids, lay on your back and bench press them!! :)

Also, keep a lot of protein-rich food around the house to help increase fat burning. :) Hope that helped!!