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Q: What are good names for lizards in Latin?
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What is latin word for lizards?

it is aptomastic

What are some pretty planet names?

Latin names are quite good and Scottish Gaelic names are really nice as well.

What are some names of the lizards you can find in the Hawaiian rain forest?

There are no lizards native to the Hawaiian rain forest.

What is the language of scientific names?

scietific names are usually Latin based

What are the names of desert animals adapting to arid areas?


What were the names of the lizards that advertised Budweiser beer?

Louie And Frank Budweiser has used lizards, frogs and eagles to advertise its beers.

Why do birds of prey eat lizards?

Lizards are a good source of protein

Do armadillo lizards make good pets?

Yes but only other, same-sized lizards like other Cordylus lizards. Smaller lizards will be eaten.

What is the Latin for names?

The Latin word for "names" is nomina, the plural form of the neuter noun nomen.

How many car names end with an a?

because most of them are Latin names..... and Latin loves the letter A :)

What main characteristics distinguish snakes from lizards?

legs. and names. and habitats.

What are the names of some cold-blooded animals?

Snakes fish lizards