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I think the best songs to sing would be Taylor Swift if you were a girl, but if you were a guy, maybe somebody country but not hip-hop or rap, unless ur trying to do rap, there is no-one that sings rap, and doesnt curse so.....


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beautiful disaster by kelly clarksen its really beautiful

Practice. Get a good trumpet book and play those songs

You could try 'I can hear the bells' and 'Good Morning Baltimore' from Hairspray, and maybe look at a few Glee songs.

For the same reason that people still play Beetles songs. They are GOOD.

Africa by toto,clocks by coldplay,or even 90s or 80s techno keyboard songs these are some good songs to play during and power point.

My favourite songs for auditions are 'Its A Fine, Fine Line' from Avenue Q, 'On My Own' from Les Miseables and 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked. Hope I helped :)

some good songs are taylor swift our song and country music

i hope this will help but I'm yours-jason mraz fall for you- secondhand serenade how to save a life-the frat never say never- the fray alot of songs by thous bands are good for alto

Audition. Next audition- NYC, USA.

You should sing an upbeat song similar to the music from the show some examples are my strongest Suit from Aida and goodmorning Baltimore from hairspray bye bye birdie songs would be good too! But no songs fom the show! Good luck! (:

it is what an actor gives a screen play writer ,a video of himself acting good,to try and get a part in a play/movie or whatever

You can check online if there's any opening for a audition to sing and where is the audition at. Good luck!!:) Go to this address and read it through, then audition if you want. Good Luck!

Somewhere over the rainbow shows off good vocal skills if you can pull it off. Modern, 'in' songs aren't that good as a lot of people would have sung them recently, raising the bar very high. Purple rain is an amazing song, but not many people find it easy. I hope that your audition goes well, just remember to smile during your peice and be confident, but not arrogant!

play jurassic park it is easy and sounds good

I would think so. It is a good audition song depending on what your auditioning for.

"The Good Die Young" is a good metal song with a lower range that is suitable for play auditions.

hey soul sister and Requiem for a dream

No, you aren't guaranteed to get an audition. If you're successful then you have to perform for the producers who decide if you're good enough to audition for the judges.

Some good songs to play are: The entertainer, jingle bells, aude lang syne, when the saints go marching in, twinkle twinkle, Mary had a little lamb,

there was an audition type it into google and it will provide you with details of getting an audition! Good Luck!

It's a popular composition that many classical pianists know how to play, I would suggest learning how to play a more challenging piece.

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