What are good things about coal?

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The good thing about coal is that it produces electricity!

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Q: What are good things about coal?
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What are the good things about coal?

There's still plenty of it.

Bad things about coal that can be good?

you can make pencils with it

Why coal mining is good?

Coal mining is good because it is used to get a very important natural resource, coal. Coal is used in many things and without coal mining we could not do those things. They were used on the first trains and in stoves to keep old log houses warm.

What are the good and bad of fossil fuels?

the good things are without coal and oil we would not be able to heat our homes

Are there any good things about coal power plants?

It isn't expensive and there is a big supply of it. Coal plants harm the environment though. Mining coal damages the land and water. it is dangerous for the miners. Burning coal produces air pollution.

Which kind of crusher is a good machine for crushing coal?

A Coal Crusher Machine is good for crushing coal.

What does Santa bring in Puerto Rico?

Very nice things for good children and lumps of coal for those that lack good manners.

Is coal a good producer of electricity?

yes coal is a good producer of electricity.

What is good about coal?

coal is something that makes electricity.

How do you make money in runscape for non members?

Mine coal. You can't cut good logs nor high alc things as a non-member, but you can mine coal and sell it.

What a some good things about coal?

Coals has been used since 206BCAbout 40% of the world electricity comes from coalAbout 49% of the United states electricity comes from coal

What can you use this Coal for?

People can use coal for lots of things including, burning

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