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Two common venomous green snakes are theboomslangand mamba. The Dispholidus typus, or boomslang, is a poisonous green snake with a venom that can cause severe bleeding. The boomslang, found only in Asia, is quite aggressive; if disturbed, it will usually strike. Boomslangs live mainly in trees and forested areas and eat lizards as well as other small animals.

Mambas, or Dendraspis angusticeps, are green. Mambas are African snakes that are highly feared as they are both venomous and aggressive. As mambas eat mainly birds, they are often found on tree branches. Many green snakes have trees as their main habitat so that they blend in with leaves or bushes. For instance, the Atheris squamiger, or leafviper, is an African green snake that thrives in forests; although it's venomous, its bite is rarely fatal to human adults.

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Yes, the mambas and the boomslang are highly venomous snakes and are green. The Mojave rattlesnake, also, has a greenish tinge.

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Q: What are green snakes called?
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