What are guidelines?

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Guidelines are general rules to follow, not strictly but loosely.

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Q: What are guidelines?
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What are some of the guidelines for ICH?

ICH has its guidelines divided into 4 categories. The 4 categories are Quality Guidelines, Safety Guidelines, Efficacy Guidelines and Multidisciplinary Guidelines.

How do you spell guidelines?

Guidelines is correct.

What is technical guidelines?

Guidelines regarding uses of machinery

What is the correct usage of the word guidelines?

"Guidelines" is a noun. Ex: Follow the guidelines in the handbook. dana from usm in ms

What has the author Nan Schuurmans written?

Nan Schuurmans has written: 'Healthy beginnings' -- subject(s): Pregnancy -- Guidelines, Labor -- Guidelines, Prenatal Care -- Guidelines, Delivery -- Guidelines

What part of speech is dietary guidelines?

Dietary is an adjective; guidelines is a noun.

What are the South Carolina Federal felony guidelines when time is served?

Guidelines for WHAT?

What are the guidelines of judaism?

Tradition holds that there are 613 guidelines by which Jews are to live, the Hebrew word for these guidelines is 'mitzvah' (singular) | 'mitzvot' (plural).

When were the Australian dietary guidelines established?

In 2003, the NHMRC issued the Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults and Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia having already issued the Dietary Guidelines for Older Australians in 1999. There is a policy to review the guidelines every 5 years.

Does Canada have food 'guidelines?

Canada does have food guidelines, which can be looked up online.

Does guidelines for writing styles matter?

Yes, guidelines for writing styles do matter.

Clinical practice guidelines were developed to?

Clinical practice guidelines were developed for reason

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