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Some type of pooled investments that invest's in things to make money. The rules vary depending on the manager. They are usually less strict on what to invest in vs. a mutual fund. Hedge funds can do what ever they want to for investments.

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Q: What are hedge funds?
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What are the contents of hedge funds?

Contents as in what do hedge funds invest in?

How many hedge funds are there in CA?

There are over 360 hedge funds in California. You can find a list of hedge funds in CA at Basically intended for job-seekers, but gives contact information for most hedge funds in CA including Los Angeles hedge funds and San Francisco hedge funds.

What are the largest hedge funds?

Here are a couple lists of the top 100 hedge funds and top 50 hedge funds in the US.

Can US-based hedge funds invest in offshore hedge funds?

The certainly can invest in off-shore hedge funds. There are some restriction for individuals to invest in off-shore hedge funds, though, but hedge fund entities certainly can. Off-shore hedge funds offer certain tax advantages to overseas investors, as well as endowment funds, and non-profit organizations. Individual Americans, must declare their earnings from off-shore hedge funds so in that regard they are not better of than investing in on-shore hedge funds.

What has the author Philip Coggan written?

Philip Coggan has written: 'Guide to Hedge Funds' 'Guide to hedge funds' -- subject(s): Hedge funds 'Easy Money'

What are the hedge funds in Barbados?

There are many hedge funds there especially those of the global macro variety.

How do mutual fund and hedge fund investments differ?

Mutual funds are only different from hedge funds in that they are purchased completely up front whereas hedge funds are paid for over time.

what are forex hedge funds how can i benefit from them?

A hedge is an investment designed to minimize potential losses. Hedges can include stocks, energy, precious metals, and more. Hedge funds are very flexible, offer money borrowing options, minimize regulation, and more. Forex hedge funds are hedge funds managed through the Forex company.

What is a fund of hedge fund?

It is a fund that invests in a portfolio of hedge funds.

What exactly is a forex hedge fund?

Hedge funds are investments made as a companion to more risky endeavors in order to prevent devastating loss for the investor. FOREX often refers to foreign exchange, so forex hedge funds would likely be about hedge funds in international trade.

What are the risks of hedge funds?

Loosing your money but some cheaper Hedge funds like Pennyviewcapital . c om Have money back guarantees

How does a hedge fund differ from a fund of funds?

A hedge fund is an investment vehicle that can invest in equities, bonds, commodities, currencies, optiones, futures, and non-traded companies, among other instruments. A fund of funds is an investment vehicle that invests in a portfolio of hedge funds (or other funds).

What is the meaning of hedge fund and why they are called hedge funds?

The name of hedge fund originally comes from the fact that hedge funds were able to buy stocks long and sell stocks short, therefore hedging the market risk. So if the market went up or down, the fact that it had long and short positions enabled them to potentially have positive returns regardless of market action. Over time, hedge funds have evolved and they are involved in a myriad of investment strategies and the long-short funds are only a subset of all hedge funds, so that currently the name is a misnomer.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sell It to the Hedge Funds - 2009?

The cast of Sell It to the Hedge Funds - 2009 includes: Haven Pell as himself

What are the advantages of Forex Hedge Funds?

There are several advantages of Forex Hedge Funds. If you want to get into the trade market, but don't have the time or skills, Forex Hedge Funds will trade on your behalf. You also won't have to watch the markets around the clock as your account will keep you updated.

Where can one find jobs that teach about hedge funds?

The best place to find out about hedge fund jobs is to visit the web site Hedge Co. They have sections called "Hedgeducation", "Hedge Fund Articles" and "New to Head Funds" among others.

Name different categories of funds?

Some fund categories are: * Equity funds * Debt funds * Hedge funds * Fund of funds etc...

What are some important differences between mutual funds exchanged trade funds and the hedge funds?

Mutual funds are more heavily regulated than hedge funds. They are more limited in which asset classes they can invest in, whether they can leverage or short sell. Hedge funds have a more liberal regulation. Exchange traded funds, usually refers to funds that trade over the exchange and many times reflect a basket of commodities, or stocks in a given industry.

What is the average PE ratio of hedge funds?


Do hedge funds report earnings to the SEC?

Yes, they do

what does a hedge ufnd analyst do?

A hedge fund analyst in a person who works with hedge funds. Their primary duty is to review the strategies of a hedge fund and then identify the strengths and weaknesses of that fund.

How many hedge funds based in CT?

As hedge funds are private companies, I doubt anyone can know for sure, but it is know that CT is a huge center for hedge funds, especially Greenwich and Stamford. The number changes literally by the month, but there are over 1,000 hedge funds in CT and they are as a group very well performing. Here more details on that. Actually there are far fewer than 1000. The larger number typically represents hedge fund companies that operate multiple funds. There are however several hundred including hedge funds and private equity firms. Most are located in Greenwich, Stamford and Westport. You can actually find a list at

How would you define the term hedge funds?

Hedge funds are investment portfolios that are managed in such a way that the return is expected to be absolute. These management strategies are not usually available for normal mutual funds and are governed by many laws.

How does hedge fund differs from mutual fund?

Hedge funds and mutual funds are both managed portfolio in which securities are picked by a fund manager. However hedge funds are more aggressively managed as compared to the mutual fund. They can take speculative positions in the derivative securities .Hedge funds also differs from mutual fund in their availability, they are available to only specific investors .There are many investment companies that invest in hedge fund and mutual fund of which Reliance mutual fund is one of the good one.

Where can I find information on hedge funds?

Many finance websites including Y! Finance and Stocks can give you a large insight on these hedge funds. They will give you a lot of advice in currently obtaining them.