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What are high lipids?

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High lipids mean the level of fat in the blood is very high. they are also known as triglycerides, which can be dangerous causing stroke, heart attack and pancreatitis (very painful!!) hope this helps.

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Do lipids have a high caloric value?

Lipids do indeed have a high caloric value.

What foods are high in lipids?

Seeds, nuts, margarine, butter and lard are high in lipids.

What kinds of food are high in lipids?

Foods that are high in lipids Foods that are high in lipids are those with high content of fats, oils, and cholesterol, which add calories and cause weight issues such as nuts, castor bean, and many others.

Is the mozzarella cheese is high on lipids?


A food that is high in calories is most likely high in?


Lipids test on brown paper?

If your asking whats the lipids test then it's: Heating a sample with ethanol, if it's cloudy then it contains high levels of lipids.

What type of foods are lipids?

Foods high in fat.

What kinds of foods are high in lipids?

butter and lard

What is another term meaning lipids in the blood?

Lipidemia is the medical term meaning lipids in the blood. Hyperlipidemia is the medical term meaning abnormally high lipids in the blood.

Lipids that you refer to as oils have?

High degree of unsaturated bonds

What does Sudan III dyes solution have a high affinity for?


What nutrients are vegetables high in?

carbs, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids

What kinda foods are high in lipids?

Animal flesh - especially bacon.

Why lipids is important in living organisms?

1. As cell membrains - the lipids separate "us" from everything else. 2. High energy source and storage.

What yellow fatty deposit of lipids is in an artery?

High density lipoproteins i believe

In what food can you find lipids?

lipids are fat, oil, waxes and steroids you can find them in butter, fatty meats, and other foods that contain high fat or oil.

What types of food supply carbohydrates lipids and proteins?

Foods that supply carbs, proteins and lipids include tofu. Tofu is an even better source of protein that is a good way for vegetarians to get what they need. It also is high in certain lipids, such as potassium. Salmon also gives proteins & lipids.

Can high lipids cause chest pains?

Yes, having high blood lipids (also called high cholesterol, high blood fats, or high triglycerides) can cause conditions like heart attacks and blood clots that can result in chest pain. If you are having chest pain, you should seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Why are lipids important for bears?

Lipids are fat, oils, and waxes. When bears go into hibernation, bears need lipids because they take longer to break down and keep the bears body working during the winter. Lipids are the high energy source giving the bear the energy while they're sleeping.

What are some compounds commonly known as fat and oil?

Lipids are important part of the diet because they are a source of high energy. Lipids are compounds that are commonly known as fat and oil.

How Many calories do lipids have?

Lipids are fats. There are a wide variety of lipids (unstaurated and saturated), and range from cooking oil, to butter, to lard, to bacon fat, and much more. Depending on what the lipid is, it will have a different calorie content. Lipids tend to, however, have fairly high calorie contents as they are composed of 3 fatty acidis and a glycerol.

Classification of lipids?

There are several classification that pertain to lipids. Some of these are simple lipids, compound lipids and derived lipids. Lipids are sterols, fats, waxes and fat-soluble vitamins.

Are lipids steroids?

No, steroids belong to lipids, but not all lipids are steroids: eg. natural fats or oils are triglyceridic lipids, not steroidic lipids

The three groups of food that the body ingests are?

Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids. Invest High School

What is lipid disorder?

Lipids are fats and cholesterol. A lipid disorder is when the levels are abnormally high or low.

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