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Zaibatsu is the term for massive corporations in Japan that were run by single families. This is in reference to the pre-WW2 era.

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Huge family-run corporations in Japan?


What are the huge family run Corporations called in japan?


What are the huge family-run Corporations called in japan?


What companies come from Japan?

Nintendo is a huge company from Japan.

Why are earthqaukes common in Japan?

Because Japan lies on the Ring of Fire, a huge fault.

What are huge waves japan is affected by called?


What effects did conglomerates and the franchise system have on the economy?

Corporations formed huge new conglomerates and franchises and became successful.

What two industries had giant corporations in the 1800?

Not sure about both but in the early 1800's textiles was a huge industry.

Did president truman make the correct decision in using the atomic bomb?

This is a huge debatable question. Personally, I would say no as I think the Atomic Bomb killed more people than if the US didn't use it. The only good thing about it that not a single allied troop were killed and it resulted Japan to surrender but it left a huge scar onto Japan.

Huge family-run corporation in Japan?


How many corporations are in the United States?

As of year 2012, there are about 30 million corporations in United States of America. These range from small and medium sized to large companies which play a huge role in determining the economy of the country.

What were the effects of the conglomerate and franchises of the 1950's?

Corporations formed huge new conglomerates and franchises and became successful.

Is it Japan hot?

Japan can become very hot as it is next to the huge land mass called the Asian continent.

What caused the tsumami in japan to happen?

A huge earthquake off the coast of Japan and it's aftershocks caused the tsunami.

How was Japan created?

Japan was created by several huge ocean movements happening over hundreds of millions of years.

How does japan deal with their high population density?

They build from the ground up. But its also very crowned in Japan. Only 13% of Japans land is farmed. Japan gets a lot of exports. They are also a huge technology innovator and a huge economic tiger.

Why is there very little land for farming in Japan?

It's because Japan is a very small country. If you would make a huge farming field in Japan, where do you think the citizens of Japan will live?

What food do families in Switzerland eat after the traditional midnight mass?

After the service, families gather to share huge homemade doughnuts called ringli and hot chocolate.

What effect did conglomerates and the franchise system have on the American economy in the 1950s?

Corporations formed huge new conglomerates and franchises and became successful.

Was Hong Kong once the center of a huge empire?

Yes, Hong Kong was once center of a huge empire, and that empire was Japan. Japan had one of the largest empires in the world, until in 1856 Mongolia claimed a few parts of Japan. Well, there is your answer hope it helps!:)

Why is the sphinx famous?

the sphinx is huge and cut out of a single rock

Why can people not live on much of Japan's land?

In Japan there are huge earthquake zone.

Why are Japan's castles a huge part of Japan?

this is where samurais like my ancestor lived

What was one reason for the huge rise in japan GDP from 1950 to 1970?


How can corporations hurt the small farmers and ranchers?

Large corporations have the funds to buy and maintain large livestock ranches and large farmlands. Because of their size, the corporations benefit from economy of scale. That means they can sell their products at a lower price than small farmers and small ranches. This is a huge handicap in competing with a large company.

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