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Q: What are interneurons responsible for?
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Which are responsible for sending messages from the midbrain to the cerebrum?


What is responsible for sending messages from the hypothalamus?

interneurons apex answer

What is the name for all the nuerons in the central nervous system?


What is responsible for sending messages to the hypothalamus and the thalamus?

The hypothalamus is located in the brain. It is responsible for the production of hormones. These hormones regulate certain bodily functions such as thirst, hunger, sleep and body temperature.

Vast majority of neurons in the body's information system are?


Which neurons send messages to the spinal cord and brain?

Interneurons send messages from the spinal cord to the brain.

Interneurons or association neurons are?

Interneurons or association neurons are connector neurons that establish connections between other neurons.

Sensory neorons and neurons are connected by-?

Sensory neurons and neurons are connected by Interneurons.

What interneurons in a withdrawal reflex are located in the?

Interneurons in a withdrawal flex are located in the sensory neurons. This is taught in health.

Are interneurons unipolar?

No, interneurons are typically multipolar, meaning they have multiple processes extending from the cell body. They function to integrate and relay signals within the central nervous system.

Where do interneurons connect sensory neurons and motor neurons?

Interneurons means synapses probably. They connect two neurons.

How do interneurons function in secondary responses?