Orcas (killer whales)

What are killer whales killed for?


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meat, skin, blubber...

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Killer whales are killed from oil leaks in the ocean

plenty of killer whales are killed killer whales enemy's are the sad word! M-A-N man! in the movie orca its a sad movie the boy whale has a girl and the girl got killed wile it was pregnant and gave birth wen the baby wasn't ready.....

No but there are some cases of killer whales (Orca whales) attacking people and some of their trainers. Killer whales are very friendly mammals to humans because they are not threats to humans like humans are threats to them. Some killer whales attacked people by accidents, not on purpose. The human race had treated te killer whales very badly because humans killed more and more killer whales than killer whales that had killed humans before. Some killer whales were escaping from human harrassments. They are extremely intelligent ocean mammals and they also save more and more human lives from shark attacks.

No, killer whale was originally called a "whale killer" because it killed whales.

The killer whale, also known as an orca, is on the endangered species list. Killer whales are found in all oceans from the tropical waters to the Antarctic. Killer whales are not a threat to humans in the wild, but have injured or killed their trainers in captivity.

killer whale and humpback whale.

Well... sort of ... YES because just like almost everyday you hear that there are trainers for killer whales that accidentally get killed by the killer whale that you are training.

Humans. Humans are unfortunately the worst predator on Earth. Well, at least it means that we're not likely to be all killed by killer whales.

well good question killer whales have no predators and sharks are often killed by them. Killer whales can take out any animals in the sea they are the smartest animals in the sea

what colors are Killer Whales what colors are Killer Whales what colors are Killer Whales

Yes. Killer Whales have never killed humans in the wild, but great white sharks have many times...

killer whales do eat puffins killer whales do eat puffins

no Killer whales are endothermic

Usually killer whales kill blue whales.

yes killer whales do eat pilot whales

killer whales are whales so they would also have blubber which is what makes whales float so yes killer whales do float.

Durhh...or they're going to be extinct..eventually... In one year...30,000 killer whales were killed...so yeah...conserve the whales (;

killer whales came from nowhere they just appeared! Whooshhhhh

Yes, killer whales are also referred to as the orca whales or orcas.

Yes, Killer whales are carnivores.

Killer Whales don't hibernate.

There are about 3000 killer whales in the world.

That would be a pod of killer whales.

Killer whales stay in the ocean.

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