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What are known as natural resources?

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Natural Resources are resources that can come from earth.

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What natural resources is Georgia known for?

Georgia's natural resources that it is known for are rum, trees, tobacco, and cotton

Known deposits of natural resources?


What are some of the natural resources in california?

California is known for many of their natural resources. Some of there natural resources are rivers, waterfalls, wind, hydropower, grasses, and solar energy.

Materials found in earth that people need and value are called?

Such materials are known as "natural resources".

What is natural resource development?

the development with respect to usage of natural resources in adequate terms with respect to full fill the needs of present as well as future generation of natural resources is known as the development of natural resources.

What natural resources the colony was known for?

rum lumber and cattle

Resources that can be replaced by natural processes?

This is known as a renewable resource.

Are natural resources and resources the samething?

No Beacause Most Natural Resources Are Natural And The Resources That Are Not Are Just Resources

What are Pei's most known natural resources?

They don't have a Hockey Team

Which president is known for his conservation of the country natural resources?

Theodore Roosevelt

What Russian region is known for its frigid temperatures and natural resources?


Are resources and natural resources the same?

No. Resources can be un-natural, thus not being natural resources.

What is renewrable and not renewrable?

Renewable ResourcesThe resources which can be renewed by the natural process are known as renewable resources. for example Sun Light, Wind, and manure waste etc..Non-Renewable ResourcesThe resources which can not be renewed by the natural process are known as non-renewable resources.for example Petroleum, Coal, Plastics, etc.- Answered by Isrg Rajan Gujjar Pas.

What are India's natural resources and natural resources?

The minerals are natural resources. As a good citizen of india, what should you do to conserve our natural resources.

What is the region known for frigid temperatures as well as its many natural resources?


What natural resources do the valley and ridge have?

The ridge & valley are known mostly for carpet .

What is activity concerned with extraction of natural resources known as?


Are all natural resources natural?

yes all natural resources are natural.

What natural resources does Yorkshire have?

It has no natural resources

What are flow natural resources?

Flow Natural Resources are resources that flow.

How do mineral resources effect natural resources?

the minerals are natural resources

What is piedmonts natural resources?

Piedmont's natural resources is natural gas.

What are some natural resources of arctic tundra?

The tundra is known to be rich in oil and uranium.

What is the Philippines best known for?

For natural resources and sight seeing in beautiful fantastic areas.

Are raw diamonds one of Mexico's natural resources?

Mexico is not known for its raw diamonds.

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