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Large sea turtles.

The seven existing species are Flatback, Green Sea Turtle, Hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley, Leatherback, Loggerhead and Olive Ridley.

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Why are sea turtles called sea turtles?

well they are called sea turtles because they are turtles that live in the sea. i mean there really is no other name for it.

Do sea turtles have to live in the water?

yes. there called SEA turtles

What is the mass nesting of sea turtles called?

The mass nesting of sea turtles is called an arribada.

What is a group of turtles called?

AnswerA group of adult sea turtles would be called a Bale. A group of baby sea turtles would be called Hatchlings.

What is a group of sea turtles called?

A group of turtles is called a bale.

How large does a sea turtle get?

Green sea turtles can get up to 400 pounds and 45 inches. The Black sea turtles are not as large at about 278 pounds. The leather black sea turtles can grow over 1,000 pounds and 6 foot.

What do large sea turltes eat?

Large Sea turtles eat different things go to and you can look up all the different types of sea turtles and their facts

What are baby green sea turtles called?

A baby green sea turtle would be called a hatchling.

Why are leather back sea turtles called leather back sea turtles?

because of there leather shell

Can sharks eat sea turtles?

Yes sharks can eat sea turtles. But some prefer to eat easier targets for large turtles would fight back!

What are sea turtles feet called?

They are called willy willys from the greek word wirly wirly TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

How large can sea turtles get?

Green Sea turtles can grow up to 400 lbs and 45 inches. Black sea turtles are smaller, and grow up to 278 lbs. The largest sea turtle are the Leather Back turtles, who grow up to 1,000 lbs and 6 foot.

What adaptations do sea turtles have?

Sea turtles have a thick outer shell for protection from predators. They have large flippers so they can swim or move across sand.

What is the underside of a sea turtles shell called?


What is the top of a sea turtles shell called?


What is a female sea turtle called?

loggerhead turtles

Are there movies with sea turtles?

Besides the free movies for classroom use, there is the Audubon video called Sea Turtles: Ancient Nomads

What is the description of a sea turtle?

Sea turtles are large turtles with flippers instead of arms and legs. They live in oceans and feed on jelly fish, corals, and algae. Sea turtles can not with drawl their heads into their shells like most turtles can. Sea turtles can live for over 60 years. They can be green, gray, and red in color, they always have algae growing on their shell.

How are sea turtles differ from turtles?

Sea turtles are simply turtles that lives in the ocean.

Why do sea turtles eat jellyfish?

Sea turtles eat jellyfish because jellyfish are their prey and a source of food.i think they dont get affected as because of their large size

What are the the sea largest sea turtles?

leatherback sea turtles

Do sea turtles or land turtles have sronger shells?

sea turtles

About sea turtles?

sea turtles are a turtle

Who are green sea turtles predators?

Killer Whales, Large Sharks and People

Is sea turtles a large reptile?

It is because it has scally skins and a turtle is a reptile.