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What are lawyers for?


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Lawyers are people who try serving in your best interest to keep you from having to serve prison time, or incur other monetary penalties.

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Yes as do black lawyers, Hispanic lawyers, Catholic lawyers, Hindu lawyers, Muslim lawyers, Irish lawyers, Italian lawyers, Greek lawyers, Polish lawyers, Native American lawyers, male lawyers, female lawyers, transgender lawyers, gay lawyers, straight lawyers, agnostic lawyers, vegetarian lawyers, vegan lawyers,

There are family lawyers, real-estate lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, accident lawyers, debt settlement lawyers, Personal Injury lawyers, Bankkruptcy lawyers, Traffic lawyers, and Immigration lawyers.

These are some of the lawyers you can become, I'm sure that there are a whole bunch more though:)Criminal lawyersCivil lawyersPersonal injury lawyerFamily court lawyersImmigration lawyersTax lawyersInsurance lawyersReal estate lawyersDivorce lawyersCourt appointed lawyersInjury LawyersEmployment lawyersEnvironmental lawyersMusic industry lawyersEntertainment lawyersCopyright lawyersCommercial real estate lawyersWorker's compensation lawyersMilitary lawyersDisability lawyersDenial of claim lawyersEstate lawyersBrain injury lawyers

The collective nouns for the noun 'lawyers' are:an eloquence of lawyersan argument of lawyersa disputation of lawyersa greed of lawyersa huddle of lawyersa quarrel of lawyersan escheat of lawyers

The collective noun for the noun 'lawyers' is:an eloquence of lawyersan argument of lawyersa disputation of lawyersa greed of lawyersa huddle of lawyersa quarrel of lawyersan escheat of lawyers

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Many large law firms have a staff of lawyers (sorry about the double 'f' but so few nouns end in 'af'; a sheaf of lawyers, no; a leaf of lawyers, no; a loaf of lawyers, maybe).The standard collective nouns for lawyers are:a disputation of lawyersan eloquence of lawyersan escheat of lawyersa greed of lawyersa huddle of lawyersa quarrel of lawyersa quarrel of lawyers

The women lawyers comprises the 30% of the lawyers in the country, others are men lawyers (70%).

You can find best lawyers in Chandigarh at Optimus Legal solutions. Here available all type of lawyers - Marriage lawyers in Chandigarh, divorce lawyers, Criminal lawyers, Cyber lawyers.

Lawyers should be lawyers because to serve and protect clients and their victims

There are different kinds of lawyers and each one does something different. There are lawyers that fight for laws, there are divorce lawyers, there are defense lawyers, and more. Each lawyer does their own job, but there are also good lawyers and bad lawyers.

There are government lawyers, private practice lawyers, and non-profit lawyers. They can be further divided according to the types of law they practice, for example immigration lawyers and divorce lawyers.

There is no reciprocity between the lawyers of the two states.

Lawyers that take no win no fees cases are personal injury lawyers, or wrongful termination lawyers.

No, lawyers do not have to shave if they do not want to.

Its a tradition. The lawyers way back when did so the lawyers of today do.

Yes, lawyers need lawyers. If a lawyer is sued, they will hire counsel. If they do not have an expertise in a subject, they will hire a lawyer who is experienced in that area.

We should remember that lawyers are actually not against other. It is the RIGHTS of the clients, that justice and this lawyers are talking all about.

There are 218 Lawyers in the 111th Congress. Interestingly, in the Senate, there are 51 Democrat Lawyers. That is, 85% of the Democratic Senators are Lawyers.

Which of the founding father's were lawyers?

How teachers and lawyers alike

No, lawyers are not scientists. They are solicitors or attorneys.

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