What are little bears pants made of?

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Do bears eat little girls?

Bears are usually eating plants,even though they are classifying bears as carnivores. Bears are not. They are omnivores. Bears mostly eat plants, but if the bear was really despret for food it might. But it is extremely unusual for that ever to happen. Bears, as a rule do not eat bipeds, that is h ( Full Answer )

What is the German translation for little bear?

"Kleiner Bär" (pronounced "Klaina beah - the ai is pronounced like "eye", bär is pronounced like "yeah" with a b.) "Klein" means little, the -er is a declination affix that needs to be put behind the adjective "klein" because "Bär" (meaning bear) is a masculine noun.

Where is a bear made?

Bears are made by their mothers in their natural habitat or inzoos. The kind that people like to hug are made in factories.

What star is in the tail of the Little Bear constellation?

Polaris (A.K.A. the North Star) is the star that is located in the tail of the Little Bear constellation. The Constellation is also known as Ursa Minor or more colloquially known as the Little Dipper.

What is the name of the theme song from Little Bear?

i have no idea but if you happen to find the little bear soundtrack your a lucky bastard! i don't even know if they mande one. i always love not just the theme but all the music on the show

What are pants made of?

Depends on what type of pants. The general material is most likely cotton, leather, polyester, or suede

Are polar bears born little?

Yes, for such a large animal the cubs are born very little. After a gestation period of anywhere from 195 days to 265 days. This includes a period for delayed implantation. The female Polar Bear will snuggle into the winter den she has built. Which is about the size of a telephone booth, with a coup ( Full Answer )

How are pants made?

most of tyhe time a pattern is drawn then cut out and sewn together in the shape and size of the pants needed

How do you say little bear in choctaw?

"Nita" (pronounced "needa") means bear in Choctaw. I am not sure how to say "little" though.. To say "little" in Choctaw is "ushi," and "bear" is "nita." So you would combine it to make "nitushi," which means " little bear."

Why doesn't Pooh Bear wear pants?

Most bears do not wear pants - Pooh probably wears a shirt because Christopher Robin wears one, but is too busy having fun with his friends to bother to find a pair of pants.

What material are NFL game pants made of?

100% Polyester. I own a pair of used Miami Dolphins pants. The pants are made in Berlin, Wisconsin by Ripon Athletics under the Reebok brand. I'm not sure if there is a competing brand of pant also in the league (I know players where helmets from different manufacturers). From what I understand th ( Full Answer )

Translation of Little bear in Cherokee?

ᎤᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ / usdi yona (a little bear) ᏧᏂᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ / junsdi yona (little bears)

Who made the first pair of pants?

The first pair of blue jeans were first invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss, as far back as the year 1873.

Why is Ursa Minor called Little Bear?

Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) is called little bear because of a old story that some hunters were lost at night and a small girl pointed the way. (the North Star) When the girl left she turned into a bear in the sky so that they could always find they way home. And Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) is ri ( Full Answer )

What is the little bear constellation called in greek?

There are a number of variants Cynosura was a title for the whole constellation of Ursa Minor in Greek classical times, but now refers to the "dog's tail" - Polaris. (Which if you observe Ursa Minor, the tail does seem to be rather long for a bear) Kunosouris or Kunosoura from from Gree ( Full Answer )

What is the Big Bear and little bear?

The Big Bear and Little Bear are star constellations. The Big Bear (Ursa Major) contains the constellation known as the Big Dipper and the Little Bear (Ursa Minor) is the Little Dipper.

How are bearings made?

SkateB=board bearings are made with stainless steel or metal, but the persission of the wheels go the opisite, if the wheel is 5, then it will go slower, if it is 3, it will go faster.

How would you say little bear in Cherokee?

Usv yona i believe. I'm cherokee and trying to learn the language. I know Usv is the word for little and yona or yonv means bear. Not sure if they would be put together to form the phrase or not but ..yea hopefully it's right.

Where were pants made?

Pants are, and were, made all over the world. If you mean where was the first pair of pants made... no one knows because they were first made before recorded history. ... Possibly Siberia (see related link). I imagine that it happened something like this: caveman joe: boy, am i cold. sitting un ( Full Answer )

Who made pockets the ones on pants?

pants made pockets, it just made sense from a design point of view. Its like thinking when you stand up from a poo and toilet paper is rhetorical.

Are dockers pants made in US?

Dockers pants are known as a good work pant that still looks goodat the end of the day. The pants are not made in the United States.

Why does Corduroy The Bear have buttons on his pants?

Corduroy the Bear has two buttons on his corduroy overalls becausethere are two straps on the overalls. The buttons are used toattach the straps to the overalls so they stay up. The buttons alsomake the overalls easy to take off and put on.

When was the Iroquois Indian Little Bear born?

Little Bear was born in October of 1745. He was said to have been a chief and later a Pine Tree Chief among the Onondaga nation. He was said to have died in 1835, and was also said to have been resurrected not long after in the form of his great-grandson, also named Little Bear. Thus, his exact deat ( Full Answer )

What is the Indian word for Little bear?

There is actually no such language as "Indian". There are more than 450 different languages spoken in India. If you are talking about Native American languages, there are more than 700. If you would like a translation, you would need to specify which Indian language you are talking about.

What are Dickies pants made of?

It depends on the style of pant. some are 100% cotton others are polyester/cotton. if you're thinking of the classic "dickies" pant then that's probably the poly/cotton. you can check out all the details at dickies.com. And yes, I do work there. But hey, you asked.

What is little bear in Athabaskan?

"Athabaskan" refers to a large group of languages spoken by many different tribes in Canada and the USA. There is therefore no single word for bear cub in "Athabaskan". In the Ahtna (Ahtena) language of Alaska, the word for a bear cub is sos . To say "this is a bear cub" would be sos ggaay nt'a ( Full Answer )

What are the little bears on a world for keflings for?

They Are to' make a giant bear statue.... Put tue secret bear in the topleft corner of a box, out the covert bear to' its right, unger the covert put the discrete bear, and to' the left of the discrete bear put the enigmatic bear

What is the Sioux word for little she bear?

The Lakota word mahto (in some modern orthographies written matho ) is generic for any kind of bear, male or female. The word for little is chi n chala , so mahto chi n chala is "little bear" of either sex. In order to emphatically specify a female bear you would need to add wi n y ( Full Answer )

Where are Levi Strauss pants made?

Costa Rica, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Belgium are the only name-places I could find during a quick internet search.

Are activewear pants made of cotton cloth?

Some activewear pants are made of 100% cotton. However, it is also common to find them made of 100% polyester or a blend of polyester, spandex, cotton, or other materials.

Did The Three Little Pigs wear pants?

It depends on the illistrator in any particular publication of the story. They have been drawn wearing pants and appearing pantless.

What is suit pants made of?

They are often made of either wool or polyester (although many other synthetic and natural textiles are used) and may be designed to be worn with a matching suit jacket.

How are cargo pants made?

Cargo pants are made just like other types of pants; except a tougher fabric is used for durability. Cargo pants also have many pockets sewn on for plenty of storage space for items such as tools, wallet, phone, fishing bait, hunting gear, and so on.

What material are good ski pants made of?

Microfiber nylon and polyester are the best materials and most common materials for ski pants. These materials are used to acquire resistance to wind. While both are good choices, nylon takes the lead with resistance to ripping.

What are military pants made of?

Military pants can be made of rayon, nylon, or fire retardant materials. This is to make them durable through hard use, long lasting, comfortable and easy to clean.

What material are ski pants made of?

Ski pants are made out of wind and water resistant materials. This material is made by tightly weaving either polyester or nylon, which yields the pants as water and wind resistant. An insulating material may also be woven to the inside, often made of nylon.

In what colors are Cherokee scrub pants made?

Cherokee brand scrub pants are made in many different colors and patterns. These include but are not limited to, black, blue, red, green, pink, purple, stripes, plaids and various pictures.

What happened to Little Bear?

Maurice Sendak's Little Bear is an educational Canadian children'sanimated series based on the Little Bear series of books.