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local winds alternate in direction . their causes are due to temperature and air pressure

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How are monsoons and local winds related?

Local winds are when land heats up faster than water. Monsoon winds are a type of local winds. Monsoon winds is a seasonal wind, part of the year, wind blows from land to sea then it shifts. This shift results in large amounts of rain because winds are from the ocean.

What are two kinds of local winds?

Local and prevailing wind

What are the three major wind systems?

Monsoons Global winds Local winds

How do local winds differ from global winds?

local wind is over a shrot and golbe is all over the world

What are the two main types of winds?

The two main types of wind are Local winds and Global winds.

What are local wind patterns affected by?

Local winds are affected by local geographic features!

What different types of winds are there?

There are two types of winds. These are namely the local wind and the global wind. The local winds are created as a result of scenery such as vegetation and water bodies. Global winds, on the other hand, are created as a result of the earth's rotation.

What are the different type of topographic winds?

probabilistic wind, incorporation wind,

What is the difference between global and local winds?

Global Winds are the current speed of the jet stream, while Local Winds is the current wind speed for a certain location.

Wind systems of the world?

there are 3 types of wind systems=permanent winds are also known as prevailing winds or planetary winds. it is sub divided in to the trade winds, anti trade winds, and polar winds.periodic winds are also known as seasonal windsor monsoons. they blow from water bodies to land.local winds blow in a limited area and have local significance. it is sub divided in to land and sea breeze , mountain and vally wind

Types of wind?

Some Types of Wind:Global Winds Polar EasterliesWesterliesTrade WindsDoldrumsJet StreamLocal WindsSea BreezeLand BreezeBreezeFohn wind

What affects local wind patterns?

Many things effect local wind patterns. The local temperature and how it varies also effect the winds. Temperature variations also affect the local wind patterns.

What cause local wind patterns?

Local winds can be caused by uneven heating of the Earth's surface.

What wind happens on earth?

Local and global winds happen on earth.

Examples of local winds?

There are a variety of examples of local winds. These include Alize, Bora, Elephanta, Helm Wind, Santa Anna, as well as the Loo.

What are local winds and global winds?

Local winds are caused by small convection currents and global winds are caused by large convection winds. All wind is caused by the uneven heating of Earth's surface, which sets convection currents in motion.

What local wind blows during the day from an ocean toward land?

Prevailing Winds or Coastal Prevailing Winds

What are local winds caused by?

Local wind is caused by unequal heating within a small area or range, (:

How are local and global winds different?

they differ because a local wind is a wind that stays in one area o district but a global wind can ange over states or continents.

What kind of wind may have gusts that come from various directions?

The term "local wind" applies to local variations that may differ from prevailing winds.

How are local winds and global winds different?

Local winds are caused by unequal heating within a small area.Global winds are created from all around the Earth due to breezes that make Wind. See nasa.gov/nasatv.

Why does local wind differ from global winds?

Global can affect anyone in the world while local is just in your area.

What are the kinds of wind?

Geostrophic wind:Gradient windCyclostrophic windLocal wind--------Katabatic and Anabatic windLand breez and sea breezFohn windvalley windThermal winds

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