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What are names of some talent agencies?

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Q: What are names of some talent agencies?
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What are some names of talent agencies in NY?

The names of some talent agencies in New York are One Management, Metropolis Artists Agency, and Monarch Agency. Hodge Talent Agency and Atlas Talent Agency are a couple more.

What are some reliable talent agencies?


What are some real talent agencies?

There are too many talent agencies to list. It is best to look them up based on your city/state. For example, some legit talent agencies in the New York market include: United Talent Agency Creative Artist Agency William Morris Agency

What talent agencies do the BBC hire from?

The BBC hasn't got a specific 'Talent' agencies, It uses a various amount of 'Talent' agencies!

What are some talent agencies in shanghai?

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What are some good acting talent agencies in quebec?

This link will take you to a list of reputable and legit Quebec talent agencies:

What are names of acting agencies?

United Talent Agency Creative Artist's Agency ICM - International Creative Management

What are some the names of talent agencies in los angeles?


Where can you find a talent agency?

There are a wide variety of talent agencies available in any area. The local Yellow Pages are a good resource for finding such agencies. Otherwise, Circle Talent Agency and Awesome Talent Agency are two national agencies.

What is a definition of a casting agencies?

A casting agency is one that works as the middleman between clients and modeling agencies. Casting agencies also host a database of available talent (modeling, acting, singing, voiceover, etc) and notifies them of upcoming castings. Oftentimes clients in need of talent will contact casting agencies in order to find agency represented talent or freelance talent instead of searching for talent from agency to agency.It is important to note that casting agencies are not modeling or talent agencies, offer no contracts and do not take/charge commission.

Talent agencys in the world looking for talent 2009?

Talent agencies are always looking for new faces. It is best to narrow down your search by looking at talent agencies within your city and state.

What do acting agencies do?

An agency that represents actors is commonly known as a talent agency. Talent agencies and modeling agencies are not the same. While talent agencies may represent only actors or both models and actors, modeling agencies only deal with models and do not cross over into the acting industry.

What are some NON Scam acting agencies in the Chicagoland area?

Gray Talent Group Stewary Talent Agency Grossman & Jack Aria Talent Geddes Agency Lily's Talent Agency

What are some professional and good talent agencies in Houston Texas?

Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency First Models & Talent Agency Page Parkes Talent Agency Neal Hamil Agency

How do you know if talent agency is license?

If it doesn't state this info on the talent agency's website, you can do an online search. Each state has a database of some kind that contains detailed listings of businesses, including talent agencies, that have current licenses in effect. Googling something like "licensed talent agencies in [enter your state]" should generate some results.

Are there any good modeling agencies in Michigan?

Links aren't allowed within the body of answers here on WikiAnswers but below are the names of the current modeling agencies in the Michigan area: - Productions Plus - GD Productions Model & Talent - Jabo Model Management - The I Group Model and Talent Management - Unique Models And Talent

What are the names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies?

The names of some prominent counterintelligence agencies are FBI which means Federal Bureau investigation. Which is a goverment agency that is secret from the public for some stuff.

How can you get a talent agent?

The first step is to find talent agencies in your area. This can be accomplished by doing an online search for talent agencies according to city or state. If any official websites for agencies come up, check them out. They will list how you can submit yourself.

What are acting agencies?

an agency that represents actors also known as talent agencies

Are there any reputable talent or model agencies in LA accepting new talent?

Yes, there are more talent and modeling agencies in LA than one can count. All you have to do is do an online search for these types of agencies in order to get their official websites. Browse through each one in order to find out what they are looking for and get information on how to submit your pictures and information. Some reputable agencies in the LA area include: - LA Models - Ford - BMG - Elite - Wilhelmina - LA Talent

Is there any agencies to be an actress?

Yes. There are plenty of notable talent agencies that represent actresses. It is best to do an online search for talent agencies according to the city and state you live in. Your results will be the official talent agency websites, which will contain all the info you need to know.

What are the names of some important credit reporting agencies?


Top talent agencies in CA that represent minority talent?

Here is a list to legit and reputable agencies in CA. You'll have to check their websites to see how to submit your pictures and information:

Do osbrink talent agency have people for acting?

Yes. Talent agencies represent actors and actresses.

Top five children talent agencies in Los Angeles?

I probably don't have the top5 correct, but these agencies represent children, are reputable and work with prominient casting directors. -OSBRINK TALENT -CESD -ORIGIN TALENT -TALENT WORKS -KAZARIAN SPENCER & ASSOCIATES