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What are nerds?

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September 13, 2011 6:41PM

Nerds are people who have no friends or little to no friends. Commanly hang out with teachers and are official members of the chess club assosiated with there school. Usually spare time is spent reading non-stop or kissing a picture of someone who will never be with them. One type of nerd called a Sterio Nerd commanly has a hunch back and large glasses from the 80's (hand me downs.) Another type called a Dweeb is very very nerdy. Commanly they tend to eat lunch in a toilet stall by them selves. Normally try to be cool and end up looking like a clown. One thing that people commanly mistake is that people with braces are NOT nerds. People also mistake that people with glasses are nerds but NOT nessesarly. If you are cool i recommend you stay away from nerds for you sake. Thank you for reading.NEVER CALL SOMEONE A NERD! THIS IS JUST WHAT THEY ARE! OR HOW YOU CAN IDENTIFY THEM!