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What are nocturnal animals scared of?

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Are hamster a nocturnal animals?

Yes, hamsters are nocturnal animals.

What is the word for animals that sleep during the day but are awake at night?

nocturnalnocturnalNocturnal animals.

When are nocturnal animals lively?

Nocturnal means 'belonging to or active during the night', and that is when nocturnal animals are lively.

What foods do nocturnal animals eat?

Nocturnal animals eat what they are designed to eat, and it depends on whether they are or are not herbivores. Most nocturnal animals eat other nocturnal animals (if carnivore) eg insects, mammals.

What makes nocturnal animals different from daytime creatures?

nocturnal animals sleep at daytime and daytime animals sleep at nighttime or for short nocturnal animals are the opposite of humans!!

Is a camel nocturnal?

No, camels are not nocturnal animals.

What nocturnal animals hiss?

nocturnal snakes

What are different types of nocturnal animals?

Nocturnal animals are animals that sleep during the day and are active at night. Different types of nocturnal animals include bats, hedgehogs and raccoons.

What animals are nocturnal in minnesota?

Nocturnal animals are animals that are active at night and sleep during the day. The southern flying squirrel and the northern flying squirrel are nocturnal animals that are found in Minnesota.

Do caves only have nocturnal animals?

No, there can be nocturnal animals that live in other places too.

What rainforst animals are nocturnal?

I think that a jaguar is nocturnal

What are nocturnal animals?

Nocturnal animals are animals that are most active during the night and least active during the day.

Are animals nocturnal during the day?

Nocturnal animals are always nocturnal, whether during the day when they're sleeping, or at night when they're awake.

Do all nocturnal animals have beady eyes?

All nocturnal animals do not have beady eyes. An example of a nocturnal animal that does not have beady eyes is the cat.

What are all nocturnal animals?

Nocturnal animals are animals that sleep in the day and are awake in the night. Like owls, mice and hamsters.

Are owls nocturnal or diurnal?

Yes, owls are nocturnal animals.

Are coyotes nocturnal hunters?

yes coyotes are nocturnal animals

Is the clouded leopard nocturnal?

Yes, felines are nocturnal animals.

Are Guiana pigs nocturnal?

No, guinea pigs are not nocturnal animals.

Which animals active in night?

Nocturnal animals.

What is nocturnal animal?

nocturnal animals are animals who sleeps at daytime and is awake at night time example: owl.

Are Goliath frogs nocturnal?

Yes, Goliath frogs are nocturnal animals.

Are rabbits nocturnal animals?


Are owls an nocturnal animal?

yes most owls are nocturnal animalsBurrowing Owls, for example, are not nocturnal.

Do all nocturnal animals eat meat?

No, not all nocturnal animals eat meat (ex. fruit bats).