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yes you can nurse but it may hurt for some women - previous answer.

I think you are asking for an actual "Nursing Diagnosis" - I would recommend the NANDA book for more precise answers. Remember to include the "related to" and "as evidenced by" which some classes will allow "r/t" and "aeb" as notations for those terms.

Pain - acute or chronic. This is a common one.

Circulation, altered. If there is lymph node involvement.

There are also issues related to: Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, Body Image - Altered. because of the threat of removal of tumors, chemotherapy et. al.

Risk for Infection (if on chemotherapy or radiation)

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ineffective tissue perfusion, ineffective airway clearance, activity intolerance, impaired gas exchange

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ineffective airway clearance related to tumor mass in the trachea

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Q: What are nursing diagnosis for prostate cancer?
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What does a definite diagnosis of prostate cancer require?

A definite diagnosis of prostate cancer, however, requires a tissue biopsy.

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Can prostate cancer be cured? With an early diagnosis and proper treatment regimen, prostate cancer can be cured with different hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options.

Nursing diagnosis for large cell cancer?

I don't know but a doctor might.

What is the most common used marker enzyme in clinical diagnosis of prostate cancer?

gamma-GTPase is the most common marker enzyme used to detect the prostate cancer.. prostate cancer is most commonly seen in the mid people of 50-60 years age.

Can a 34 year old male get prostate cancer?

The chances of a diagnosis of prostate cancer are a man in his 40s 1 in 1000 in his 50s 12 in 1000 in his 60s 45 in 1000 in his 70s 81 in 1000 The younger you are the smaller the chance of a prostate cancer diagnosis. However when they do get it they are more likely to die prematurely from it. This is because there is more time for the cancer to develop. Older men are more likely to die of other causes ¹.

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What is the difference between deaths from lung cancer and deaths from prostate cancer?

lung cancer is in the lungs, prostate cancer is in the prostate.

Where did prostate cancer originate from?

Prostate cancer originates in the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a gland in the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body from the prostate.

What are 3 nursing diagnosis for cellulitis?

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No. Prostate cancer has nothing to do with people who have colon cancer. That's not to say it couldn't possibly metasticize to the prostate, but plenty more men have prostate cancer and do not have colon cancer as well.

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