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What are opinions of cheese?

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Opinions about any food range from people who hate it to people who love it. Some people feel it's unhealthy because it's sometimes high in fat, some people say we shouldn't eat cheese because it comes from animals and we shouldn't take food from animals.

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Is Cheese Ugly?

Whether or not cheese looks good to a person depends on if that person likes cheese. Personally I think that most cheese is relatively nice looking because I like cheese. Others may not agree; opinions will vary.

What are the best brands of cheese knife sets?

There are varying opinions as to which cheese knife set is the best. Some of the top brands that were found are The Cheese Knife, Fairchild, Global, Wild Eye and Prodyne.

Can opinions be scientifically tested?

Potentially, it depends what the opinion is. For example if my opinion was that cheese floats then that can be scientifically tested.

What are opinions on Hobby Tron?

It tastes like cheese and yes it is a scam. Provolone is my favorite type of cheese. They scam and if you just read other questions like yours, they all say that they are scammers... I was thinking about buying from them, but then I decided to check. (I ordered provolone but they shipped a wheel of broken cheddar cheese :( ) That is why you don't trust me or hobbytron... I rest my case...

Do gay people like cheese?

You say it like "gays" are some other species. They are just as equal as we are. Being gay is just as simple as having different opinions on Politics. Therefore, some people will like cheese. Some won't. Being gay has nothing to do with it.

What are the steps in cheese processing and their functions?

First you put the cheese in your mouth. Then you chew the cheese. Next you swallow the cheese. Finally, you digest the cheese. The functions are: yellow cheese, goat cheese, gouda cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, American cheese, monterey jack cheese, bleu cheese, limburger cheese, aged cheese, parmessiano aregiano cheese, mozzorella cheese, pizza cheese, shredded cheese, wheel of cheese, wedge of cheese, cheese fondue, cream cheese, stinky cheese, cheese cake, ratatouille cheese, cheese whiz, colby jack, cottage cheese, Mexican cheese, feta cheese, folded cheese with mint, ricotta cheese, gorganzola cheese, marbled cheese, regurgitated cheese, aged gouda, cheese log, nacho cheese, brie cheese, mascarpone cheese, mini bell cheese, havarti cheese, munster cheese, and pepper jack cheese. For a full list of cheeses, visit

How do you say your opinions in French?

in French, your opinions is 'vos opinions 'for the formal way.'tes opinions' is less formal.

What are the names of all the cheeses from the Cheeseroller game on Neopets?

Spicy Juppie CheeseSmoked Snorkle CheeseTriple Mustard CheeseHoney CheeseBig Beefy CheesePurple Spotted CheeseBrain CheeseAlkenore CheeseMutated CheeseBubbling Blueberry CheeseTyrannian Dung CheeseQuadruple Fudge CheeseBrick CheeseGooey Snot CheesePeppermint CheeseOvergrown CheeseHeavy Bark CheeseWarty Blue CheeseFragrant UmmagcheeseFurry Chocomint CheeseMummified CheeseNimmo Tube CheeseSpace CheeseAngelpuss CheeseMeaty CheesePotato CheeseVery Stinky CheeseFishy CheeseShiny Golden CheeseStinky Zebie CheeseOverripe CheesePlaid CheeseLicorice CheeseDarkberry CheeseRotten Cheese

Are opinions true answers to people's questions?

No, opinions are opinions. Opinions are just what people think from what they know, and are not actual facts.

What is Pandebono?

It is a type of cheese.It is a type of cheese.It is a type of cheese.It is a type of cheese.It is a type of cheese.It is a type of cheese.

Do Cheese Nips have fake cheese or real cheese?

Cheese Nips have no cheese.

How do you get free melted on trisects cheese cheese?

cheese + Cheese = cheese + cream - Cheese = cheesy cream hahaha

WI schools of dermatology?

cheese is the answer cheese cheese is the answer cheese

What does limburger cheese have in it besides cheese?

First it IS cheese it does not cheese in it

Does cheese contain cheese?

Yes, cheese contains cheese

What is the importance of cheese on a cheese sandwich?

Cheese is the main ingredient for a cheese sandwich. Without cheese, it wouldn't be a cheese sandwich.

Is Swiss cheese classed as a cream cheese?

NO. It doesn't make sense if Swiss cheese is classified as a cream cheese. It's because cheese is cheese and cream cheese is cream cheese.

Is giving opinions or answers?


What types of pretzel fillings are there?

Cheese and salty cheese and pickled cheese and smelly cheese and not-cheese.

What do you call cheese that is not yours?

nacho cheese get it cheese that isnt your is not-cho-cheese

What food molds best?

cheese chile cheese peperjack cheese american cheese provalone cheese mosarella cheese etc...

What cheese do you add to a cheese display?

you add cheese to a cheese display

What is a hard cheese?

Hard cheese is cheese that is not American cheese slices.

Is American cheese included in cheddar cheese?

No. American cheese is not cheese.

Which has more cheese Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips?

Cheese nips.