What are the steps in cheese processing and their functions?

First you put the cheese in your mouth. Then you chew the cheese. Next you swallow the cheese. Finally, you digest the cheese. The functions are: yellow cheese, goat cheese, gouda cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, provolone cheese, American cheese, monterey jack cheese, bleu cheese, limburger cheese, aged cheese, parmessiano aregiano cheese, mozzorella cheese, pizza cheese, shredded cheese, wheel of cheese, wedge of cheese, cheese fondue, cream cheese, stinky cheese, cheese cake, ratatouille cheese, cheese whiz, colby jack, cottage cheese, Mexican cheese, feta cheese, folded cheese with mint, ricotta cheese, gorganzola cheese, marbled cheese, regurgitated cheese, aged gouda, cheese log, nacho cheese, brie cheese, mascarpone cheese, mini bell cheese, havarti cheese, munster cheese, and pepper jack cheese. For a full list of cheeses, visit www.cheese.com