What are opinions on Questnet?

Answer 1:

Questnet is certainly not a scam.

The 3 biggest problem that Questnet faces are:

1) the misconception that MLM = pyramid scheme.

2) the generalization that all MLMs are scams.

3) certain Questnet members who sell it as a get-rich-quick scheme.

Of the three, the biggest problem is with (3) because you cannot control what every member does - especially if you have 3 million members spread over 160 countries.

Some of these members (aka Independant Representatives) sell Questnet as being an "autopilot" and "get-rich-quick" scheme in order to quickly grow their downlines. As a result, the new members later learn that you actually need to put in a reasonable amount of effort, thus calling the whole company a scam.

The good news is Questnet is not sitting down quietly and has infact, came up with a strict code of conduct and warning about unscrupulous members. The company also encourages the public to report such members so that action may be taken against them.

Now here are some facts about Questnet:

1) the company has been around since 1998.

2) the company is part of an MNC with interests from telecoms to hotels and more.

3) Questnet is licensed and has local presence in 160 countries.

4) There are over 3 million members and growing.

Answer 2:

Though its true but due to the business model the people who can recover the amount are very less less than 1 %

and i would like to mention that people should do a proper research before entering in this.

Answer 3:

One should never pay to work. MLMs make money by tricking people into paying to work. That initial investment is unlikely to ever be recovered.
Hello everybody,


If you only listened to one side of the story (i.e. the negative ones), you will definitely have a biased opinion about QuestNet, and very likely miss the golden opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. So do both QuestNet and yourself a favour - read this Q&A with JR Mayer, MD of QuestNet, before making your conclusions...

"First and foremost, MLM is not illegal and MLM companies are not automatically scammers. The industry has just been tainted by some black sheeps and the misconception that MLM equals pyramid selling. A pyramid scheme is definitely illegal because it involves the exchange of money without any product or service being delivered. On the other hand, MLMis an efficient distribution model based on relationship selling and is used by even big insurance companies like Prudential and AIG. So instead of QuestNet setting up an office in every city around the world and running costly advertising campaigns, we engage IRs to distribute our high quality products and pay them commissions - everybody wins!"