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Opinion #1Kingsford is the best brand of grilling charcoal.

Nope. 2Ball from Wisconsin says to find what is called "lump style" charcoal. This is not briquette style and will not include fillers that aid in burning. It is plain wood that has been charred.

If you ask Kingsford, they will not tell you what else is in their charcoal.

Some names to look for are Royal Oak, and Cowboy brands. Royal Oak is available at the Restaurant Depot outlets

2010-04-03 18:04:28
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Which cuts of steak are best for grilling over charcoal?

If you desire the charcoal taste on your steak you might want to choose a fatty cut when grilling over charcoal. Usually a chuck steak or a skirt steak would be a great cut of steak for grilling.

Best charcoal grills?

The Weber kettle grill is the best brand. Direct or indirect heat could be applied in conjunction with the dome lid (resulting in evenly spread out heat for grilling).

Why is grilling healthy?

They say grilling is not healthy, something to do with the char on the meat. It figures the best tasting part of grilling. Did it stop me Hell no, I just ate chicken I just finished on the charcoal rotissary.

Why a Weber Grill?

Considered to be the best by many home grilling fans, the Weber brand of BBQ grills offers both charcoal and gas options for those in the market for a brand new BBQ grill. A Weber BBQ grill is also available in a variety of sizes, so no matter how large or small your family is, you can find a Weber BBQ grill that will provide sufficient grilling space for summertime grilling.

What is the best brand of camping BBQ grill?

Mr. Charcoal is my favorite brand of grill. In the past I have used many types of grills. It just seems that Mr. Charcoal has the best price and holds up just as well as the other brands.

What are some opinions on the best brand of steam irons?

i personally think that the best brand of steam iron is the old generation deLonghi

Do you know which is the best electric smokers grill?

Char-Broil offers an innovative assortment of charcoal grills that make it easy to control cooking temperatures & create delicious, flavorful meals! Char-Broil Portable Grills are perfect for on-the-go grilling with a full range of options for gas, charcoal, and electric grilling. If you want to buy or know more details visit here :

Which charcoal chimney starter is best Lodge Camp or Weber?

Logde Camp would be the better brand when is comes to the charcoal chimney starter . This brand has better reviews , better quality and also a better price for the product .

Selecting A Portable Charcoal Grill With A Lid?

There are a few different styles of portable charcoal grills available. Not all models are appropriate for all types of grilling. Some portable grills are just containers for charcoal with a grill grate on top. These grills are best for fast cooking. For more serious portable grilling it is important to look for a portable charcoal grill that has a lid or cover. This will allow food to be cooked slowly and can make it easier to grill dense vegetables and delicate foods like fish.

What is the best brand of Israeli hummus?

that is a matter of opinion Leave your opinions in the discussion page

Is natural gas the best option for a barbecue grill?

Some prefer charcoal to gas as far as grills go. Gas is cleaner, and cooks more evenly. It is also faster to use and no charcoal mess to clean. It would depend on your prefrence of grilling style.

What is the best and tastiest type of charcoal to use in a charcoal grill?

Everyone tends to have their own favorite type of charcoal. Two very good choices are Big Green Egg brand. It is a lump brand and is not very ashy, which is a good quality. Another good type is Kingford. You can pick that brand up at almost any retail store.

Where to Find the Best Charcoal Grills?

Summer grilling is a tradition in many households, and in such cases, a durable grill is essential for making the most of the wonderful weather. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge fascination with gas grills, making good quality charcoal grills tough to find. In stores, the charcoal models sell out quickly, and many are shoddy in construction. Online research is a better means of finding the best charcoal grills, along with searching at specialty home and garden stores.

How does a propane grill compare to a charcoal grill?

Propane grills differ from charcoal grills in that instead of heating the food directly, they heat grilling elements that radiate the heat to cook the food. Charcoal grills, however, cook the food by burning charcoal, which become embers and consequently cook the meat. While there is debate over which type is 'best', it should be noted that buying a charcoal grill is both cheaper and lighter, although it is more difficult to clean and new charcoal must be bought frequently.

What are opinions on the best gas brand for a car?

All major brands of gasoline are pretty much the same.

What is the best brand of boxing shoes so that they would not slip?

Although there tends to be a wide range of opinions as to what the best brand of boxing shoe is there seems to be one brand that stands out. The Everlast boxing shoe seems to have the best reviews for non slip appeal.

What charcoal grills are the best out there?

Although I am not very familiar with charcoal grills, I have done some research and found that there are some very nice ones available. When I was checking the reviews I found that the Weber brand held the top 3 positions in the ratings, so it would be safe to say that is the best quality charcoal grill.

What are the advantages of mesquite grilling?

There are many benefits of mesquite-wood roasting or grilling. It is best used to add smoke-flavor to steaks, chicken, pork , and fish. Mesquite smoke flavoring can be added to vegetable stir-fries as well. Mesquite just adds a whole another dimension of flavor to your food that charcoal just does not do.

Using A Chimney Starter With A Charcoal BBQ Grill?

Starting a charcoal BBQ grill is best done with a chimney starter. This is a metal cylinder that can be filled with charcoal and then ignited from the bottom. The heat passes up through the chimney and ignites all of the charcoal evenly. The chimney is then emptied into the BBQ grill when it is hot enough. This prevents hotspots from forming in the grill and gives the person grilling better control when distributing the coals for multi-zone barbecuing.

What is best temperature for grilling ribs?


Choosing a Charcoal Barbecue?

Grilling experts agree that the best barbecue taste and flavor comes from the barbecuing on a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills generate an authentic smokiness that makes simple, lightly seasoned, food taste unbelievably rich and delicious. Charcoal barbecues grills do need more maintenance and cleaning after use since the coals themselves need to be replaced. Also, unlike a gas or propane barbecue, a charcoal grill needs to heat up prior to use. The preparation is worth the authentic taste.

What type of oak wood is best for grilling?

Red oak is the most commonly used in barbecue, grilling, and smoking.

What is the best brand of table tennis set?

"The best brand of table tennis sets appears to be Stiga followed by Butterfly, Killerspin, Joola and DHS. Reviewers tend to have a preference for Stiga but are split in their opinions of Butterfly and Killerspin."

What kinds of grilling planks are best?

The kinds of grilling planks that are best depends on what is being cooked on them. There are varying sizes and shapes suited to differing types of food available.

Can a BBQ charcoal grill burn meat easily?

Depending on your preferences you can use a charcoal chimney, which is best or the old tried and true lighter fluid. Free Barbecues & Grilling Newsletter! You want plenty of flame to get the pile burning as quickly and completely as possible without adding anything to the fire that you wouldn't want to add to your food.