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What are opinions on the best types of MP3 players to buy?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-18 13:28:13

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The best mp3 player to buy is one that is a brandname, like an iPod

2006-08-18 13:28:13
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Where can I purchase the best mp3 player?

Best Buy is most likely to have the widest selection of MP3 players, which ensure your chance of getting the best MP3 player possible. You can browse through their selection here:

What kind of MP3 hardware is available?

The MP3 players that are available are:Portable MP3 PlayersPortable MP3/CD PlayersConsumer MP3 PlayersCar MP3 Players

What mp3 players have the longest play time?

Apple iPod's are the best mp3 players for play time in my opinion.

Where is a good place to find a variety of Mp3 players?

A variety of Mp3 players can be found at Best Buy's store locations or at the website. Amazon also has a variety of Mp3 players with user reviews. Overstock also has a variety of Mp3 players.

What types of mp3 accessories are there for working out?

Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, among many other stores offer armbands that hold mp3 players or iPods. You just have to find the one that suits you best.

Where can pink mp3 players be bought?

There are a number of places where pink mp3 players can be bought, and a number of brands that make them. Pink mp3 players can sometimes be found in stores such as Wal Mart and Best Buy.

What is the best portable CD player to use to connect to an MP3 player?

You cannot connect portable cd players to mp3 players and given the capacity to hold songs on mp3 players their should be no reason to do so.

Do the Gosselin sextuplets have MP3 players?

They do have Mp3 players.

Are iPods really better than all types of MP3 players?


Can MP3 players win iPods?

No. iPods can win MP3 players but MP3 players cannot win iPods.

What are some good electronic stores to buy MP3 players?

Some good electronic stores that sells MP3 players are Radio shack which has all the latest technology especially in MP3 players. Also, your local Walmart as they have quite a few selections of MP3 players at great prices and Best Buy.

What is a good brand of walkman mp3 players?

You can find that information out on they have all the information you will need for the walkman mp3 players. They should have the best brand there is.

Where can I find reviews of different mp3 players?

Well, I would recommend finding reviews of different mp3 players on Future Shop or Best Buy because they offer a variety of reviews of different mp3 players by a different customers.

What is the best brand of MP3 players?

The best brand is HiFiMan created by Head-Direct.

Where can one buy iPod and MP3 Players?

One can buy iPod and MP3 Players from a lot of offline and online retailer stores. Some of the online stores that sell iPod and MP3 Players are Best Buy, Target and Walmart to name a few.

What is the Political Impact of MP3 players?

Political Impact of MP3 players

How do MP3 players work?

An MP3 player is a device which stores music digitally and compressed. Nowadays you can put music on your MP3 player, by connecting it to your computer, and than downloading the songs on to the device. MP3 players aren't so good, as an iPod can also play games, or you can watch a movie. There are various types of MP3 players, ranging in price and size, and the amount of songs they can hold.

Are MP3 players better than CD players?

Of course MP3 players are better than CD players.

Do all mp3 players have a digital camera?

No, not all mp3 players have a digital camera. Some may have a camera. If you are looking for an mp3 player with a digital camera your best bet would be to buy a smartphone which will have both an mp3 payer and digital camera.

do mp3 players come with a remote?

Whether or not an mp3 player comes with a remote depends on the particular mp3 player that you are looking at. Some mp3 players come with remotes and some mp3 players don't have remotes.

What is the best brand or type of mp3 player?

There are a number of MP3 players on the market. Apple is currently viewed as the market leader

Are mp3 players better than ipods?

ipods are better then mp3 players

Are Mp4 players better than Mp3 players?

Yes, MP4 players are much better than MP3 players.

What exactly is a mp3 player mac?

Macintosh MP3 players are digital music players that are compatible with Macintosh. There are a variety of mp3 players that are Macintosh compatible.

What would be the best Ipod mp3 player to give as a gift?

Each person prefers different things in mp3 players, but the Apple I POD is one of the most popular mp3 players on the market. It is affordable, dependable, and can be customized.