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WWE because it has more talent more spectators more entertaining better superstars worldwide exciting events nice segments more hall of famers better titles . TNA sucks it takes ex WWE superstars no entertainment so if they want ex WWE superstars that proves WWE is way better

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What are opinions on which is better TNA or WWE?

Tna! Tna! Tna!

Does Jeff hardy like WWE better then tna?

i think he does like wwe better than tna. but it's kind of like an opinion. But In my opinion Jeff Hardy like wwe better than tna

Which wrestling is best WWE or tna?

WWE Is Better . . .

Is Jeff hardy a good or bad person in tna?

In tna Jeff hardy is a bad and mean person but in wwe Jeff hardy is a good and nice person in tna people boo Jeff hardy in wwe people cheer for Jeff hardy tna stinks wwe rocks wwe is way better than tna a million times better wwe forever

Is WWE better than tna?

Tna has superstars from wwe who lest like ric flir RVD and Tommy dremmer But wwe has still got good superstars like the miz john cena and undertaker A WWE is Better Than TNA yes

Which wrestling promotion is better WWE or TNA?

WWEWWE is better than tna because in wwe they got entertainment and wrestling and stoylines and they don't talk much but only twice and get to the wrestling the rest of the show and in tna all they do is talk and have about 3 matches that are short who wants to see that wwe does alot better at what they do since the wrestlers train and practice promos for 3 years and tna never did that so u guys that think tna is better that's your opion just don't have to say nothing about the wwe. To me wwe is better okay that's in my opion so don't get mad and in my opion tna sucks sorry guys im just telling you the truth about wwe and tna.

What is better roh tna or WWE?

The WWE is significantly better than A) ROH because you can watch it on basic cable and B) TNA because every match you watch on TNA is loaded with controversy.

Which has better wrestlers TNA or WWE?

wwe they have better wrestlers wwe has better wrestlers than tna. tna is a big pile of big shows armpit hair You do realize that a lot of the WWE's and WCW's past wrestlers are on TNA right matter of fact I just saw Jeff Hardy on there and alot of people from WCW's NWO is on there. tna took people from wwe to make it look so cool.

Does tna copy the WWE?

wwe suparstars go on TNA but tna does not copy WWE

Why did Christian go to tna?

to get more days off because you get more days off in TNA then WWE but WWE is alot better

TNA video game is better then WWE games?

wwe because they have more wresler and tna have 20 12 something like that

What is the best wrestling show out of tna or WWE or roh or UFC?

I've never heard of roh, but probably the WWE over TNA. As for the UFC, it's not even in the same category. It is mixed martial arts. well wwe might get better rating but people on tna are better and tna is sky rocketing

Why did Kurt Angle go to TNA?

He was not satisfied with his role in wwe and the prospects offered by TNA were better

Who is the next superstar going to tna?

Don't know better question is who from TNA will be going to WWE

Will tna ever invade WWE?

No tna is to bad to control wwe. in my case wwe will envade tna.

Is TNA a threat to WWE?

No, TNA is not a threat to WWE.

Why did rvd leave WWE?

because tna impac is better.

What is TNA Wrestling vs WWE?

WWE is World Wrestling Entertainment, (Smackdown! and Raw) which has been around for 50 years or so. TNA is a newish wrestling company where many wrestlers kicked out of WWE go to. TNA tries to compete with WWE (they're rivals) but WWE has more experience and therefore has better business then TNA.

Wwe buying tna?

WWE will not buy TNA because they can just destroy TNA in the Monday night wars And TNA is no match for wwe

Does WWE own part of tna?

yes wwe does own tna that why every wwe wrestler is going to tna...

Why did Jeff hardy join tna?

TNA offered him more money and a better contract than WWE

What is tna is that a wrestling thing TELL ME?

tna is a wrestling show but it will never in eversville be better than wwe

Will tna buy out WWE?

no don t get me wrong i love tna but wwe is much richer and could buy out tna easer than tna could buy wwe. wwe is trying to buy tna now tna trying to buy wwe is impossible.

Will robvandam return to the WWE in 2011?

No because he is in a better company TNA. also he hates the WWE

Why does tna keep taking WWE superstars?

Because tna just wants to be better. and whats with make the change crap I can tell you this Im a wwe fan 4 life. suk it tna

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