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What are oyster babies called?

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Do oyster have babies?

all animals have babies it is a requirement for something to be considered living

What is a baby oyster called?

A baby oyster is called a Spat.

A young oyster is called a?

a young oyster is called a spat

What is a young oyster called?

Baby oysterA young or baby oyster is called a spat. Can you spot that baby spat?

What is meaning of 'oyster' in Hindi?

Oyster called शुक्ति in Hindi.

What do you call 'oyster' in Sanskrit?

In Sanskrit 'oyster' is called 'shuktiH(f)[शुक्ति:]'

Why is an Oyster Cracker called an Oyster Cracker?

There are two possibilities for the name 'oyster cracker': # They are commonly associated with oyster stews or chowders # Their shape is reminiscent of oysters.

What is the meaning of oyster in Tamil Language?

chippy or sippy is what oyster is called in Tamil

How oyster is called in Tamil?


What is a female oyster called?


What is an oyster gill called?


What is oyster larvae called?


Baby oyster name?

its called a spat its called a poo

What is the liquid inside an oyster called?


What is an artificial oyster bed called?

a stew

What is a shelled fish with pearls?

Its called a Oyster

What is oyster called in Tamil?

சிப்பி (chippi)

How can you use the word oyster?

There is an oyster. I ate an oyster. Oyster.

Why rolex is called oyster?

Oyster is one of the serise about rolex watch ,rolex watch have many serise ,they are all very good ,

What are babies called in England?

they're called babies!

Are the band called the cult and Blue Oyster Cult the same?


What is half a clam or oyster shell called?

mother of pearl

What did the Dutch originally call Ellis Island?

They called it Little Oyster Island. It was one of three islands that the Dutch named "the Oyster Islands."

What are orangutan called when there babies?

just called babies or infants.

What is 6 babies called?

six babies are called sextuplets