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Sponsoring a Polar Bear via WWF and buying Toyota Priuses that's what.

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Should we save the polar bears?

i hate polar bears

What are people doing to save polar bears?

i dont know if they already are but people should use less time driving to places that you can easily walk or bike to

Send a letter to help save polar bears?

send a letter to everyone to heop save polar bears.

Are there any organizations working to save polar bears?

yes and it is called save the polar bears!!!by Wilbert M

What scientists are helping polar bears?

Polar Bears international is a collaboration of scientist and conversationalist working together to save the polar bears. The survival of the polar bears is linked to the arctic ice.

What measures have been taken to save polar bears?

The government is doing all they can to save the Polar Bear as NRDC (National Development and Reform Commision) is pushing President Obama's Interior Secretary to grant polar bears an extremely high level of protection with the Endangered Species Act.

What are people doing to protect polar bears?

There are lots of ways to save polar bears one way is to save electricity because that will cause global warming and that will destroy the ice caps. A second way is to spread awareness and to also not use oil and gas a lot because that will lead to oil and gas explorations.

What is a good slogan to use for saving polar bears?


How can people help save the polar bears from becoming extinct?

Stop global warming so the polar caps will quit melting.

Why won't you tell me what ways to save the polar bear?

The ways to save the polar bears is to stop Global Warming.

Who is involved in trying to save the polar bears?

I would love to be involved in saving the polar bears but i don't know how to get involved.

What is being done to help endangered polar bears?

The WWF (An organization to help raise money to save polar bears)

How are polar bears useful to humans?

yea they are...i do not no what so ever but anyways SAVE THE ALMOST ENDANGERED POLAR BEARSPolar bears are not endangered. Their population is stable. WWF is telling lies.

How do you help save polar bears by using technology?

Polar bears can be saved by controlling global warming. Laser technology could help save polar bears, as it can locate where they live in heavy winters and could be saved while oil drilling.

Will polar bears extend in life?

if we don't save the earth

Why do we save polar bears?

To help keep them away from danger

How many ways are there to help save the polar bears?


Why should we work to save the polar bears?

Because they're cool!

How would you save polar bears?

Stop global warming first

What will happen to polar bears?

Polar bears are big hairy mammals with white hair. Polar bears could one day be extinct. But that's just human nature and global warming so have sex with a polar bear to save there population jk.

What are ways to save the polar bears?

we can save the polar bear by using less poisonous gases that melt ice caps and then the polar bear eventually sinks or dies either one

Should you save polar bears?

yes you should. That is a silly question to ask.....

What are the ways to save the polar bear?

Some ways we can save polar bears is by recycling. We can also help them get back to shore safely when we find them in Hudson's Bay.

Why do people kill polar bears?

because the polar bears kill people (they have no right)People are not killing them on purpose, it has to do with global warming. Rising temperatures are causing the ice caps to melt, removing the Polar Bears natural habitat. By reducing green house gasses and CO2 emissions, we could yet save their habitat in in turn, the creatures themselves.Human Race are spreading terror allover the earth , Poler Bears are among the victims .

Should you try to help save polar bears?

what did the polar bears ever do for us? this is what they do. if we get near them, they chase us then rip us to shreds. i don't care if the ice is melting, because the polar bears can swim AND walk. That's why there classified as amphibians!

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