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Columbia has lots of Natural Resources such as oil and petroleum. Gold, nickel, copper, sliver, iron and salt are also natural resources of Columbia.

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What natural resources are plentiful in Singapore?

Since Singapore is a relatively small country, it does not have plentiful natural resources.

What are the natural resources of Columbia?

What are the natural resources of Columbia

What natural resources are plentiful in the Persian gulf?


What natural resources are plentiful in the Bahamas?

There are several natural resources that are plentiful in the Bahamas. Some of these are salt, timber, aragonite, citrus fruit, mangrove forests, fish, and coconuts.

What are 2 natural resources in british Columbia?

A few natural resources of British Columbia: Forestry; mining; natural gas (tar sands.)

What is the middle east's valuable plentiful natural resources?


Which region of Russia is plentiful in resources?

The Ural region and Siberia are the richest in natural resources.

What are natural resources of Washington?

Plentiful fishing stocks. Wood and timber.

What natural resources are very plentiful in southern Africa?

There is alot of diamonds there i think.

What natural resources are especially plentiful in Africa south of the Sahara?

I hear diamonds

What are the natural resources of British Columbia?

Lumber, copper, coal, natural gas, oil, zinc, gold, silver, nickel, iron, and fish are the main natural resources of British Columbia.

What does Columbia produce with its natural resources?

Mostly Coffee :)

What were some natural resources in Delaware in the 1600s?

peaches were extremely plentiful there in the 1600's

What natural resources Canada has that US does not have?

plentiful fresh water, grain, wheat, gas, oil

What has the author Mary L Barker written?

Mary L. Barker has written: 'Natural resources of British Columbia and the Yukon' -- subject(s): British Columbia, Natural resources, Yukon Territory

What geographic factor is most responsible for the prosperous mining operations in south Africa?

plentiful natural resources

Why do most Cubans live in Havana?

Because the natural resources are plentiful, and because Adolf Hitler told them to after WWII.

British Columbia natural resources what are they and why?

Pacific ocean-food lumber-houses

What natural resources were available in the New Hampshire colony?

Some of the most plentiful natural resources available in the New Hampshire Colony were the forests, the fish, and the whales. Fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding were the biggest industries.

What has the author Mary Libal Barker written?

Mary Libal Barker has written: 'Natural resources of British Columbia and the Yukon' -- subject(s): Natural resources

What was the main reason why African and Indian colonies lacked food during the age of imperialism?

They didn't have plentiful natural resources.

Natural resources of Great Britain?

Most of Britain's natural resources (coal and iron ore) are now severely depleted. North Sea oil and gas are in plentiful supply at the present time but will eventually run out.

What are the resources in South Africa?

Among the natural resources of South Africa are gold, platinum, coal, diamonds and over 40 other minerals. Timber is also plentiful.

What two important natural resources have been discovered in Columbia and Venezuela?

butts and pie

Which of these resources is not plentiful in Indonesia?