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Look at the rear legs. They are larger than the front because they contain the 'baskets' which store the pollen while the bee is flying from flower to flower.

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Q: What are pollen baskets of a bee where are they located how are they used?
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What does 'the bee's knees' mean?

It means something along the lines of "very good, excellent, great, amazing" and coined circa 1920 as a flapper idiom. Back then they used this expression because a bee's baskets for pollen are located near its knees, so when the bee's baskets are full of pollen, they are filled with "the good stuff" of that oh-so sweet taste of honey that most of us love.

Does the pollen basket of a bee part collect nectar?

The pollen baskets on a honey bee are specifically for pollen. The bee collects nectar with its tongue and stores it in a sac within its body to transport it back to the hive.

Why do bees make pollen?

Bees don't make pollen, they collect it from the flowers they visit.Bees have concave areas on the tibias of their back legs, surrounded by hairs. These are called pollen baskets or corbiculae, and as the bee forages for nectar, it brushes any pollen from its head and body back to the pollen baskets and packs it in.The pollen is taken back to the hive, where it is stored and used for food. It is a rich protein source.

Where is the pollen sac in a honey bee?

The pollen basket of a honey bee is located on the tibia and first tarsal segment of their hind legs.

How bee carries pollen?

A bee has concave depressions on the tibia of her hind pair of legs surrounded by hairs. These are called corbiculae or 'pollen baskets'. When pollen gets on to the bee's body she brushes it back using her fore legs into the corbucilae. You can often see this when a bee is in flight or standing on a flower. Look for a yellow 'lump' on the back legs.

What does a bee do with pollen?

Pollen is used to feed the young bees and larvae.

What are the nutritional qualities in bee pollen?

Bee pollen is protein.

How does a hairy body help bees to collect food?

Pollen sticks to the hairs. This not only helps in collection but also in pollination as any pollen missed by the bee rubs off in the next flower. ---- The hairs on a bee are plumose -- that is, they are branched, like tiny ferns. When the bee is in flight, the hairs build up a small charge of static electricity and this attracts the pollen grains to the hairs. The bee can then brush the pollen back to the corbiculae (pollen baskets) on the back legs to carry it back to the hive.

How do incts carry pollen?

The tibia of the bee's hind legs are flattened and have a concave section on their outer edges. Around these are hairs angled in towards the centre. These are called 'pollen baskets' or corbiculae. After a bee has visited a flower it will use its forelegs to brush pollen from the body down into the corbiculae where it becomes trapped in the hollow by the hairs.

Do honey bees transport pollen?

Yes. Some pollen will be accidentally trapped in the fine hairs on her body and will pollinate the next flower visited. Also, the bee will gather pollen and transfer it into 'pollen baskets' on her hind legs in order to take it back to the hive. You can sometimes see this when you see a bee with what appear to be yellow lumps on her legs. Pollen is rich in protein and is mixed with a little honey to make a substance called bee bread. This is fed to the larvae.

How do honey bees carry pollen?

Bees have a slightly concave area on the tibia of their hind legs surrounded by hairs. These are called corbiculae, or 'pollen baskets'. As the bee is foraging, it uses its forelegs to brush the pollen from its body back into the corbiculae where it is trapped. You can often see this -- look for (usually) yellow lumps on the bee's hind legs.

What is another word for bee pollen?

Another way of saying bee pollen is bee bread. Bee pollen is full of nutrients and many health food stores carry it in capsule form so it is easy for people to get the benefits of bee pollen.

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