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What are possible reasons if computer is not starting?

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Any number of things. If it doesnt start AT ALL, you could have a bad power supply, your motherboard may be fried, (power surges, magnetism can do this, your hard drive may be correct. Unfortunately, there's really no way to know until you start replacing parts and seeing what works and what doesn't. To save frustration go to Best Buy or something and pay for a diagnostic to see what's going on.

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What causes a computer to be slow starting up?

There are many reasons that a computer may be slow starting up. Some popular reasons include malfunctioning hardware, BIOS settings, spyware or virus infections, too many startup items, and a fragmented registry.

What are 5 reasons your computer would died when it was working yesterday?

Five possible reasons: Virus Hardware Failure Possible hardware change Software Problem (have you installed any new applications) Vandilism

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Check the fuel pressure. Check the computer codes for possible sensor issues. It is possible that a sensor is sending wrong info to the computer.

How much do computer engineers earn?

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If you have installed a new printer driver on a computer and rebooted it On booting the computer hangs before displaying the GUI Identify the possible reasons for no GUI display on the screen?

Proper drivers are not installed

Why does People PC keep disconnecting you from the Internet?

The following are possible reasons to why your computer often gets disconnected from the Internet:Something is wrong with the computer.The software on the computer is messed up.The computer didn't connect to the Internet correctly.You are not paying your Internet bill.

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What can cause an executable program or file not to open?

There are several possible reasons, but the most common is that the computer operating system doesn't recognise the file is an executable program.

What is computer operations?

starting and shutting down of a computer

What is the job of the computer chip?

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What are the possible consequences of computer hacking?

The possible consequences of computer hacking is jail time or probation.

What is turning on a computer called?

turning on the computer, starting the computer, startup, or booting up the computer

Is it possible to use a DVD in a computer?

Yes it is possible.

What is the term for starting a computer?

Its also termed as booting a computer

How can you quickstart your computer?

The best and easiest way to quick start a computer is to remove as many start up programs as possible. Each program that starts at boot up takes up time in the starting process.

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