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What are printer?

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A printer is a machine that is used for purposes of printing. This is commonly connected to a computer and will print any data on the computer.

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Classifications of printer?

Dot Matrix printerInkjet printerLaser printerThermal printerLED printer

Is laser printer is a page printer or character printer?

Laser printer

What output devices would be useful for a journalist?

A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.A monitor, a printer and a speaker.

What are the three main types of printer?

The Three Main types of printer are the: inkjet printer laser printer dot matrix printer

What are the three basic printer types?

# Dot Matrix Printer # Inkjet Printer # Laser Printer

What is the difference between chain printer and band printer?

The difference between a chain printer and a band printer is a chain printer has a chain that the characters are on and a band printer has a band for the characters.

What is chain printer?

chain printer is similar to band printer

What is the difference between a inkjet printer and laser printer?

what is the difference between inkjet printer and laser printer

Printer status is offline what to do?

First check your printer power.Next check your printer USB cable. See latest printer model

What is Line printer and the advantages of using a line printer?

impact printer

What type of printer has the highest quality printer output?

inkjet printer

Is a network printer an impact printer?

maybe, a network printer is any printer connected via network cable

How do you write a memo requesting a printer?

If you are writing a memo to request a printer you should be sure to state why you need the printer, how long you will need the printer for and where the printer will be located.

Where was the printer made?

It really depends on the printer, but most printers are made in different countries. It depends on the brand of the printer. What printer?

What is a shuttle matrix printer?

shuttle-matrix printer is high speed printer that works like dot-matrix printer.

How do you print something on my computer?

You need a printer that is a wifi printer or a printer you install on the computer. Once you do that you can send things to the printer.

What is remote printer?

remote printer is these printer we can connect to many computer by using wireless comunication is called remote printer

Does a printer driver reside on the computer or the printer?

The printer driver resides on the computer. It is the software that tells the computer how to talk to the printer.

What is difference between network printer and share printer?

I think the main differences between a network printer and a shared printer are: 1. A shared printer is suitable for small environment A network printer used for large network 2. shared printer connected system not shutdown printer did not connect to the system it will connected to switch 3. A network printer has more security 4. A network printer has an IP address shared printer working only same platform

Why is it better to have as large a buffer as possible in a printer?

Is the printer buffer in the printer or in the computer?

How do you say 'printer' in Bulgarian?

printer...принтер (PC) , печатница

How is a wireless inkjet printer different than a laser printer?

A wireless inkjet printer is different than a laser printer in that a inkjet printer uses ink to print on the paper and a laser printer photocopies it onto the paper.

Does Brother's Printers do printer repairs?

"Brother's Printers does not do printer repairs. Brother Printer is a type of printer, a wireless Monochrome Printer. For an example of how it looks and what it really is, visit Amazon."

What is a money printer?

a printer for money