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Where was the printer made?

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It really depends on the printer, but most printers are made in different countries. It depends on the brand of the printer. What printer?

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Who made the first Laser Printer?

The Laser Printer was invented at Xerox in 1969.

Where was the first printer invented?

The first printer was made in 1654 but I know that's not the question, the first printer was invented in Turkey.

Why is a printer a nonliving thing or a living thing?

A printer is non-living. A printer is a machine that is made from plastic and metal parts.

Which address labels work best in an inkjet printer?

It depends on what printer you have. Consider buying labels made for your printer, or from your printer's manufacturer.

How do you get a CD so that you can install your printer to your computer?

It depends on which printer. Printer drivers should come with the printer. Another option is to look on the Internet under the company which made the printer. Often the required software can be downloaded free.

What inventions the hittites made?

the hittitied made the computer they also made the printer

Where can I find printer drivers for Lexmark?

Usually the company who made the printer will put the printer drivers on the website for free. So go to www.support.lexmak.com and see if you can find you printer model on the website.

Who was first to create the printer?

Charles Babbage was the person that first made the printer. The printer is used to print things off of a computer, onto paper.

Where are printers made at?

Printer factories in Asia.

Is any printer ink made in the US?

There are numerous amounts of printer ink made in the USA. Examples of these are: Canon (made in Us and Canada) Dell (remanufactured in US, recycled) Lexmark

Is a printer a non living thing or a living thing?

A printer is made from plastic and metal, and is a non-living thing.

What country is a canon printer made from?

Canon printers are made from China country.

Who made the first Lego Printer?

Bob Barker ------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

What parts of a laser printer are easily removed?

If you really mean a laser printer (page printer), the easiest part is the Toner Cartridge. It is made to be replaceable by the end user. If what you meant was an Ink Jet Printer (character printer), then it would be the Ink Cartridges, for the same reason.

Is a printer a lving thing or a non living thing?

A printer is non-living. It is a machine made from plastic and metal parts.

What's the best inkjet printer cartridge?

The best ink cartridges are the ones that are made for the model of your printer. When you buy a new printer, it will usually list the ink cartridge type it needs on the box or inside the box in which the printer came in.

How does a wireless printer work?

A wireless printer works in the same way that a wired printer works with the exception of its connection method. A wireless printer is added to the wireless network and assigned an IP address. When a print job is ready, it is sent over the network to the printer and executed. The printer can be made available to any computer on the network.

What happens if you use t-shirt transfer in a laser printer?

If the transfer paper isn't made for laser printers, then the laser printer melts the paper. You can do major damage to your printer.

Which printer prints details of purchase made?

If your asking about at the cash register I believe it's called a POS, (Point Of Sale) printer.

Can you use Dell Ink with any brand of printer?

No you can not use Dell ink with other printers as the printer ink cartridges are made specifically for Dell and there are different cartridges for different printer models.

Need inexpensive printer toner for busy home office?

Usually, buying toner made by the printer maker is the better idea. The manufacturer makes the toner to work specifically with their model of printer.

When was the first 3D printer made?

was made in 1984 by chuck hall of 3D system corp

How are overhead transparencies made?

You can buy transparency sheets and print them on your printer at home if you want to. Any store that sells printer paper will probably have it.

Printer of Dr. Seuss do you know how lucky you are?

The printer of Dr. Seuss does know how lucky they are. This is because they've made a lot of money.

Why is the HP LaserJet 1500 printer not compatible with Windows 7?

The printer is discontinued. It was only made for XP. Doesn't even work with Vista.

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