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one of them is to develop an energy source eco-friendlier than oil

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Q: What are problems scientist are trying to solve?
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What do scientist trying to solve?

the meaning of everything

What problems was Jane Goodall trying to solve?

she was trying to solve how the animals were living.

What methods do scientist use to solve problems?


What technology do scientist use?

To solve specific problems

What steps do scientist use to solve problems?

scientific method

Why do scientist utilized scientific method?

To solve problems in an organized and logical way.

When trying to solve a problem what does a scientist do with things learned from other scientists?

A scientist uses the information as a beginning for solving a problem.

How does scientific method help scientist solve problems?

Every scientist uses the scienticific method so that every scientist gets the same results.

What can you always count on when trying to solve math problems?

Your fingers!

When a scientist is tying to salve a problem what do they need to come up with?

When a scientist is trying to solve a problem they need to come up with hypothesis.

The is a process used by scientist to find answers to questions or solve problems?

The scientific method.

What was the key problem that historians were trying to solve?

Historians solve many different problems; there is no "key problem"