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What are punishments that the puritans inflicted upon lawbreakers?



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They would be hung,burnt for wichcraft,killed,put in the stockades,or pinned while people threw rotten fruit at you.For lying they might burn a hole in your tongue.For stealing they might chop off your fingers. 1. Benefit of clergy - the convicted made plead benefit of clergy, in which case, if they can read a passage from the Bible without one mistake, their sentence will be reduced. 2. Stocks - the convicted will have his head and hands placed in a locked stockade for the remainder of the day, and the community will be invited to pelt him with food. The convicted must clean up anything he is pelted with. 3. Wearing a sign - a milder punishment than branding. The convicted must make their own sign to hang around their neck, which indicates their crime. 4. Branding - the convicted is marked with letters that stand for their crime - HT for hog thief, A for adulterer. The branding can be on the cheek, forehead, or more mildly on the hand or finger. 5. Ducking stool - for women only, usually used in the case of gossip. The woman shall be confined in a chair and dunked in water. 6. Whipping - for men only, a common punishment. A number of "lashes" is administered to the convicted's back. Lashes usually number from 5 to 20. 7. Public shaming - a milder form of punishment, the convicted is pulled on a rope through the town, while the community is invited to point fingers at him, tell him he is naughty, and pelt him with small objects.