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If you believe that your question has sufficient information to be answered and should not have been placed into this catch-all question, please e-mail GoodQuestion @ WikiAnswers.com and request that it be made into a separate question.

Please ask your question again and include more information in it. WikiAnswers is designed to provide a specific answer to a specific question.

Tip: Don't use pronouns such as he, she, it, them, their, his, her, its, and so forth in your question. Chances are, we won't know who she, he, them, and what it is and won't be able to answer your question. You must indicate the subject properly in your question. However, questions in which the subject is already indicated, may use those pronouns. For example, "When Miley Cyrus starred on Hannah Montana how old was she?" is okay.

  • Questions that do not contain enough information cannot be answered -- asking "did he die?" or "how did she become rich?" cannot be answered because we do not know who you are asking the question about. * Multiple choice questions cannot be answered if you do not include the choices in the question. These typically include the phrase "which of the following" at the beginning of the question and the questioner does not include "the following" choices in the question; thus, we don't have enough information to answer your question. Another example is asking a question about a vehicle without providing the make, model, year, and engine size. This information is almost always necessary.
  • Questions that are too broad Questions such as "What are the names of all cars ever made?" are too broad to be answered. Simply giving a list of words does not ask a question that we know how to answer.
  • Questions that require us to look at a picture or diagram that you have in front of you cannot be answered because we cannot see your assignment page.
  • Partial questions or question fragments cannot be answered because a sentence fragment such as "preparation for a position" or "pi plus" do not explain what your question is and cannot be answered.
  • Questions that are actually statements cannot be answered because they are not questions. "You are in love with a boy and he does not know you exist" is not a question and cannot be answered.
  • Questions that should be asked in a chat room cannot be answered because this is not a chat room. "Who are you?" or "What is your favorite color?" are not questions that can be answered on this website.
  • Questions that ask for university results cannot be answered here because that information is only released to the student themselves; if you haven't got your results yet, nobody else will have them for you either. The WikiAnswers Stylebook will help you write a proper question that can be answered for you. See related links below.
  • Questions about prices cannot be answered here because we need to know which store you are asking about, which particular brand/size/style of item you are asking about, and the date upon which you are asking for the price. Prices vary daily, and each store will have its own pricing and sales.
  • Coin-Appraisal Questions with Insufficient Information There are several criteria that are required to give an evaluation of a coin. If one or more of these criteria is missing, an evaluation is not going to be very accurate:
  1. denomination
  2. country of origin
  3. year of minting
  4. condition

Latitude and Longitude Questions with Insufficient Information

If you ask questions such as 'What is located at 30 degrees latitude and 30 degrees longitude?', there could be four possible answers since direction was not specified. Therefore, please include the directions (e.g. north, east, south, west). An example of a good question would be, 'What is located at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees east longitude?'.

Time-Zone Questions with Insufficient Information

When asking about the time in different places around the world WikiAnswers can only answer if we know (1) the place of interest and (2) a reference point.

Bad: What time is it now in England?
Good: What time is it in England if it is 11 AM in Perth Australia?

Bad: What time is it in Central Time?
Good: What time is it in Central Time if it is 2 PM in San Francisco?

Bad: If it's midday in the US what time is it Japan? (There is more than one time zone in the US.)
Good: What time is it in Japan if it's midday in Chicago?

Bad: How many hours is Tonga behind?
Good: How many hours is Tonga behind Tahiti?

The differences are quite clear.

It might make sense to YOU when asking, but please note that it might be hours or days before someone looks at your question. In the bad examples, above, do you see how someone answering might be, well, a bit flippant and just say "8 PM", or "Evening", or even "Working time"? And that would not really help you out, would it?

Just for reference: Russia has 11 time zones; Asia has up to eight (depending upon how you count); the USA has six or more depending upon DST; Australia has six or more, depending upon DST; South America and Africa each has four; Mexico has four or (one of which does not observe DST) or more; Europe and Greenland each has three; and the Middle East has a whole fistful.

Time zones between areas or countries may be as few as 15 minutes apart or as many as 120 minutes apart. Memphis, TN, USA is NOT the same as Memphis, Egypt. Be specific: Help us to help you!
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Why has WikiAnswers not answered my question?

Some questions are answered almost immediately. Some questions are never answered, or turn out to be unanswerable. WikiAnswers is a "question and answer co-op." Everything -- the questions and the answers -- is contributed by visitors just like you. Questions remain unanswered until someone voluntee ( Full Answer )

When will the question you asked on WikiAnswers be answered?

Every question and answer at WikiAnswers is contributed to by regular visitors like you. It's all co-operative. We depend on you to ask questions, and we also depend on you to help answer other people's questions. Most questions will get a reply from a nice person, supervisor, expert, or regular use ( Full Answer )

How do you view answers to WikiAnswers questions?

If the questions you're looking at have been answered by other contributors, then you should see them on the same page as the question. They'll appear in the middle of the page. If the question hasn't been answered, you will see a graphic stating that no one has answered the question yet -- maybe yo ( Full Answer )

What percentage of WikiAnswers questions get answered?

That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's ( Full Answer )

Why is WikiAnswers not answering my question?

The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by online citizens on a voluntary basis. They answer the questions that they want to, when they want to. And although there are a number of people that look through the unanswered questions for the purpose of answering them, there are a lot of unanswered que ( Full Answer )

Is there a machine that answers questions on WikiAnswers?

No, The answers are people like you that want to spend their time to help give as correct as possible answers. So that means that you can answer questions also. Actually, there are some bots answering, but the majority of the answers come from real people.

Why does WikiAnswers not have the answers to the questions you ask?

Well we do.... Mostly and a lot of the time. But sometimes we don't understand the question, and sometimes we don't get to it because there are so many questions and so little time in a day to research and provide good answers. And then, sometimes, somebody will answer a question when that person (a ( Full Answer )

What questions cannot be answered on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers cannot answer many types of questions. Here are some questions that cannot be answered, and will be dropped from the site: . Chatting - questions like "What are you doing?" and "What is the homework?" cannot be answered because this is not a chat room. . Vague Questions - questions t ( Full Answer )

Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions onWikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer toan unanswered question, you can share it. If you see an answer thatyou can expand on, you can edit it. If you see an answer that'sjust flat-out incorrect, you can update i ( Full Answer )

What are questions that have no value to be answered on WikiAnswers?

Questions with no value on Wikianswers are questions that are notneeded to be asked and simply waste time and space on this website. If you think you have a good question that ends up here when youask it, E-mail Wikianswers directly and they'll take care of it.

How do you check the answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

if you watch the question wiki answers sends you an email which gives you the link to your questions so you can see the answer You also have your Watchlist which not only records your actions but records for your viewing ability, what others are doing with your questions. Such as someone entering ( Full Answer )

Why do gross questions get answered on WikiAnswers?

Well, if the gross questions are within the site's terms of use, then we answer them because someone asked them and wants an answer. If they are so incredibly gross that they are outside our terms of use, they get answered (and asked) because some people enjoy vandalism and inappropriate topics. ( Full Answer )

Are questions from WikiAnswers ever answered?

Quite often! There is a better chance of getting an answer if the question is in correct sentence form. Slang and made up words in the question do not usually get answered.. If you want your question answered, you must post a good question, with all correct spellings, and make sure it makes sense, ( Full Answer )

Can you copy questions and answers from WikiAnswers?

Cutting and pasting doesn't work according to the Terms of Use you signed to register with the site. You can certainly use them, but you should not attempt to pass them off as your own work.

Can you stop answering questions on WikiAnswers?

Anyone who answers questions here can stop at any time. After one thousand, after one hundred, or after one answer, any Contributor can opt out.. Or, ironically, No.

What questions on WikiAnswers have not been answered?

Many, many questions have not been answered. I couldn't possibly list them all, but they are easy to find if you use advanced search and search only for unanswered questions. Sometimes questions aren't answered because the question is really hard to answer and requires expertise that few people h ( Full Answer )

Why does WikiAnswers not give answers to questions?

Wiki doesn't answer questions.. We do; based on research and knowledge. There could be many reasons why your question did not get answered, but on average; Wiki gets 1 question asked for every second of every day of the year... so if no one spots your question, it doesn't get answered. Simple as rea ( Full Answer )

How do you find the answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

Type the question you want in the enter your question here box and click Go. If there is an exact match to the question you asked it would be displayed below. Even partial matches would be displayed. If you find some question related to what you wanted to ask, you can go ahead and click on it to ( Full Answer )

Are the questions on WikiAnswers answered by professionals?

Yes and no. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by members of the WikiAnswers Community. There are not people sitting in an office answering the questions asked. However, there are many professionals who answer questions on WikiAnswers. Many of the supervisors are professionals in the category the ( Full Answer )

Why is it that WikiAnswers never answers your questions?

There are just too many questions on WikiAnswers for every one to be answered. We try our best to get to every question, but sometimes there are just too many! WikiAnswers is now trying to recruit users to sift through the old question archives and try to answer some questions that have been unnotic ( Full Answer )

Is there a rulebook for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

We have Guidelines for answering questions. You can read them by going to the Related Links below. Generally, as long as you answer respectfully without calling people names and your answer is true and accurate, possibly backed up with some facts, things are fine. Things to avoid are debate, one- ( Full Answer )

Do you get experience for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

There is no such thing as an "experience point" on WikiAnswers, but you earn "contribution points" for each contribution you make WikiAnswers, such as answering a question or asking a question. You can also earn "trust points," when someone thinks you're a helpful or influential contributor and clic ( Full Answer )

Why has my WikiAnswers question not been answered?

Maybe because no one has searched for your question, or you have not registered your email address with WikiAnswers and so even if it has been answered, it is impossible for you to know until you carry out a search for responses to the actual question that you asked. Getting an Answer to a Questio ( Full Answer )

Why are your questions never answered on WikiAnswers?

This has been asked many times before. The reason being is that there are over 18 million questions and just under 4 million contributors, of which only 10% are currently active. With the addition of newer and newer vandals every day, the Supervisors who would normally be contributing have to watc ( Full Answer )

Do you get a reward for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

It depends what you mean by "reward." WikiAnswers is a community-based Q&A website. They look to their users to ask and answer questions. If you mean by just answering questions anytime, you can get the Premier Answerer badge if you answer quality answers, but that's about it. In a WikiAnswers ( Full Answer )

Are there questions that cannot be answered?

Yes, there are many questions that cannot be answered at this time. Including the questions that have bothered humankind for centuries, ie Is there a God/Life after Death/Other forms of Life in this Universe?, What is the cure for Cancer/Diabetes/etc?, What is the meaning of Life?, (No, the answer i ( Full Answer )

Why are your questions answered on WikiAnswers?

Your questions are answered on WikiAnswers because this is a question and answer site, and we feel like if you asked a question, you probably wanted an answer.

Why is there a question that has not been answered on WikiAnswers?

unfortunately, all of the questions in the whole world cannot be answered. you can answer them yourself, if you know what the answer is to them, if you become a member of wikianswers. Many questions are also repeats of older answered questions, if you find these you should request a question merge.

How many questions and answers are on WikiAnswers?

There are millions of questions and answers on Answers.com! People ask and answer questions every second of everyday. Even if we gave a number, it would increase before we got this answer posted.

Where can you search answered questions on WikiAnswers?

To search answered questions on WikiAnswers, click on the magnifying glass on the top right of any page. The search page will appear. Above the search box, click on "Answers" and type in the question or word(s) you want to search for. Click on "Search Answers." The search results will appear.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers have answers to questions?

WikiAnswers does have a lot of answers to questions... but a lot of questions are also unanswered. One thing to try is to ask your question in a little bit different way. Often, there is an already-answered question with a wording that is a little bit different. We try to merge those questions toget ( Full Answer )