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Rabies is a terrible way to die for any animal or human. Of course there are vaccines to protect your pets and also humans should they be bit by a rabid animal. Symptoms are lethargy, nose and eyes running, growing at their owner or others when they normally don't do so. Snapping or trying to bite and near the end foaming at the mouth, tail drawn between the legs and a loping side-ways walk as if they are going to collapse. By this time it's too late for the animal and one has to put it out of it's misery.

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Q: What are rabies signs for a pet dog?
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Can you get rabies from your pets?

Yes it is possible to get rabies from a pet (especially a dog) if it bites you

What are signs that a dog may have rabies?

frothing at the mouth

Can you get rabies from a random person's pet dog licking you?


What are the signs of rabies in a dog?

The signs of rabies in dog includes excessive salivation,restlessness and unresponsiveness,barking and biting tendency without provocation and aversion to water and spasm of respiratory muscle.

Can a dog die from a rabies vaccine?

The odds are almost Zero for your pet do die from a reaction to a Rabies Vaccination. It is a killed virus which makes it very safe. Check with your Veterinarian too on this. Better to prevent Rabies in your pet then for your pet to get Rabies which is one of the most painful ways to die.

Can rabies be caused by dog bite if the dog is not injected by anti-rabies?

Rabies can only occur if your dog is not vaccinated against rabies and if the dog that bit your dog has rabies. If it does not have rabies then your dog will not have rabies. But if you're still in doubt, see your Veterinarian.

Why get rabies shot for dogs?

There is many reasons for getting a rabies shot for your dog. Getting a rabies shot for your dog will protect if from diseases such as rabies. Getting the shot will also protect people bitten be your pet from getting the illness. In many states it is also required.

What to do after dog bite.when dog was not pet?

Best advise that I can offer is. Seek medical attention immediately. You do not know if the dog was carrying rabies

What is the best thing to do for a deep dog bite on a dog?

Please take your pet to the vet NOW! if bitten by another dog was did that dog have its rabies shots?

Do you get rabies if the dog punctures you?

you do get rabies from the dog

Can a pet raccoon carry rabies?

Yes a pet raccoon can contract rabies, but only if it has not been vaccinated against the virus, and comes in contact with another animal that is carrying the virus. Raccoons and other rabies vector species are not just born with rabies, they must be infected by another animals, the same as a regular dog or cat. So keep your pet raccoon vaccinated and contained safely and you will have no problems with rabies!

How much is a rabies injection for a dog?

It depends on where you get it. A rabies injeciton is maybe $15. A pet food store clinic will not have the vet's fee, which probably starts at $35.

Can dogs get infections from squirrl bites?

Yes they can get nasty infections, abscesses or even Rabies if the squirrel is infected and your dog has not been vaccinated against Rabies. Take your pet to the Veterinarian if the bite wound looks nasty or if your dog has not been vaccinated against Rabies.

What are signs rabbits have rabies?

rabbits can't get rabies

What are the signs of rabies?

Early signs of rabies can include flu-like symptoms and an itching sensation

Can a dog get rabies from being in the sun?

No. A dog can only get rabies from contact with a rabies-infected animal.

Can a dog get rabies when they have had a rabies shot?


Do you need to get injections if you are bitten by a dog who has no rabies?

If you are in a country with rabies, it would be far safer to get the injections after you are bitten by a dog, especially a dog whose vaccination status is unknown, a particularly aggressive dog, or a stray dog. The rabies incubation period is 1 - 3 months, therefore a dog can be infected with rabies (and infect you), without showing ANY external clinical signs of being infected with rabies. Chances are, during this incubation period, the virus will NOT have entered the saliva glands. It is only after the dog is affected with neurological signs that the virus tends to be excreted in the dogs saliva. However, this is not a risk worth taking. I would, of course, consult as quickly as possible with your local doctor if you have been bitten for the best advice.

If a dog bites and has rabies and the dog got injected because he bit someone will the dog be crazy?

First of all, if the dog has rabies, death will be imminent. The crazy behavior would be the result of the infection of the nervous system.If you are trying to say that the dog bit someone and was given a rabies shot because of that. . . Normally, a dog is quarantined for 10 days after a bite to see if he shows signs of the disease and to determine if the victim should undergo the rabies treatment. Giving an uninfected dog a rabies shot might be conditional to release. Some people feel that the rabies vaccines do affect the temperament of their pets, though it should not make them crazy.

are there early signs that a human has got rabies?

Rabies symptoms can show up anywhere from a few days, to a year.

Should a dog have a rabies booster shot when bitten by a coyote?

Because the rabies shot is a live virus, no. This could increase the rate of your dog getting sick from rabies. Get your dog tested, then if it has rabies, get it rabies injections.

How can you get a copy of your rabies tags?

The vet where you had the rabies given to your pet will have a file on your pet and can give you another tag.

If driving from Montana to Alaska do you need a passport?

Yes. If traveling with a pet/dog, you need original rabies certificate.

What will happen if your pet get rabies?

You should have given anti-rabies vaccine to you pet. Now you need to consult your physician. He may give anti-rabies vaccine to all the people in contact with the pet.

Can a Prairie Dog get rabies?

Yes they can and do, get rabies.